Double it up!!

I haven’t written a lot lately! I’m just too tired! Tired if chemo, tired of fatigue, tired of pain….. the lot of it! However, I am hanging on tight and have started to do tiny things at home, function a little bit extra which has lifted me. Some days are bed days and others a bit of time spent on fun stuff!

I have felt quite content this week. Peaceful and happy just mulling on through. Nothing major to complain about!!! To my ‘complaining’ friends….. have a think about that!!!

It is taking me 2 weeks to get over my chemo cycle and then I am in again. Im not really recovering in between enough to think or take care of myself, sleep, diet etc. Its not an easy ride. I got myself another suspect infection and back on antibiotics but getting by!

Monday was bloods day…. oh and I had to have a covid test. From now on visiting hosp every 2 weeks, must get tested. I was going to refuse but the swab was lot smaller than expected and noone rammed it down my throat or in my nose, it was not bad at all! I expect it is all fine, don’t need any more drama.

Yesterday was a big discussion day. Was back in hosp for a blood match. To get myself back on track, we are going for a double transfusion today. Thats 4 hrs of new blood for me. Doubling up on steroids for next 3 weeks, continuing the biotics for some extra days and hopefully get some pain back in control.

Its bearable with all the drugs Im taking but Id rather get to the bottom of the pain and eat food rather than pills all day! So this is hospital week really!

My garden is still flourishing and its Aug so lots to do. I have been trying to get to the garden center for 3 weeks but my body says no!!!! Maybe by the weekend!!! I keep trying!! I just keep delegating the jobs to my trio of helpers and they are now very knowledged in the garden as well as everything else! I never thought they would be!!!

Ive managed to print of a lot of holiday pics obviously from last year!!! They are in albums now so I am pleased with my efforts…. been on my list of jobs for a while!!! Lots more to go and its exciting when you get them and re-live those precious moments and we had a lot last year!! Again, really cannot complain at all!! I really fit a lot in last year and think I made up for this year of nonsence unknowingly and in advance!!

The boys have been keeping me proper loved and cared for. Can’t even start to describe. They are totally having a great time now in the hols which is lifting me every day! Even if I sleep all day, I have Amar come and natter in my ears off whats going on in the world while I am resting!!! Pretty much, the world of basketball, moon gazing, pc gaming and how much ice-cream we have in the freezer!!!!

Don’t really want September to come yet but Amar has a shorter day so I will hopefully be feeling a little better then to manage all my fetching and carrying.

Moon gazing happens every few nights, kids are learning so much. We couldn’t really do all these late nights if school had been on so using our time well !

Took the kids out too. To a water park…. they loved it!!! They were just so glad to get out and moving!!! I even managed to move with them instead of hibernating under my duvet!

Last night my lovely neighbours arranged a dinner out which we try to do once or twice a year with all the kids!! With the whole 50% drama going down, belly ache or no belly ache, even I was not missing this one! Didn’t get much down me at all, woke up starving but I sat and had a lovely evening and kids had a great time. Thats all I need!

Right better, get up and ready for another hospital day!! Fingers crossed for extra energy after this big transfusion. My trio of nurses, Eileen Priya and Lesley are all in today so I will be entertained and less doing the entertaining!! No pressure ladies but I’ve lost my mojo somewhere n still looking for it!!!