A Weekend Away……

I believe quite a few folk escaped this weekend. It was like enough is enough. With great thought and precaution, we just upped and landed ourselves in Center Parcs, just an hour from home but a getaway all the same! Planning is not in my dictionary any more and luckily we have friends who jumped at the chance to join us!

This is us leaving!!! Full of the joys!!!
Reality, This was me 10 mins into the journey!!

Half of the place was shut which was great….well place was pretty deserted really and at 25% capacity so there was a very reduced risk of bumping into or even talking to other human beings.

It has been a fantastic weekend for the kids. Was a very snap decision last week and the kids were well and truly ready to move from their four walls at home!! We have been cooped up for a while! This weekend was all about the kids and a change of scenery for us! They managed hours of bike rides and I managed a few gentle walks! Lots of sitting around just enjoying each others company and pool tournaments! We even had a sauna which I had a doze in! Good weather, breathing in fresh nature….. was very much needed!

A fair amount of cooking was done which always turns into an evening of just sitting under the trees until it went dark!! I really didn’t lift a finger….. my lovely friends and boys took care of everything and I rested lots…..aka wriggled in my bed trying to keep pain at bay to get through the weekend!

We even made pakoras…… just had to be done!

It was really great having close friends with us. Doing a weekend alone would not have been the same at all. All the burden of packing, cooking, organising etc would have fallen on Gurv which would not have been a break at all. Luckily our dear friends Manu and Sid jumped at the last minute plans and just made the whole weekend!!

It wasn’t plain sailing for me. I had a chronic pain day on sunday and most of it almost brought tears to my eyes. I practically ate the big bag of meds I’d brought along to get through it. Missed saturday night shenannigans!! Missed all of sunday until after lunch but just laid in my bed listening to the banter and giggles from the rest of the gang which was just fine!! My situation is what it is, I can manage what I need to. I don’t want my fam to suffer the same or sit and mither around me constantly so getting away was just what was needed. Well I need my boys to keep fetching meds, drinks etc cos when the pain starts, I literally crash somewhere and don’t move until it subsides!

There was a lot of this went on over the weekend!!! Lazy chick loves sleeping these days!!!!

So all in all a good break was had. Memories created. Was unsure if friends would even want to come along with me being only half there but Sidhus…… you made the weekend for us!! Thank you so much and thanks for letting me just be and taking care of everything! Couldn’t really ask for anything more. You guys mean the world to us and just understand and get it without any further drama!! Everyone just let me be and the weekend went smoothly.

When my boys are happy, I’m happy xxx

And a little bit of magic x

I’m back to the grind! Reality can slap me in the face again now! Bloods need to be drawn and treatment needs to go ahead on Wed……. booooooooooo!!! But hey, no complaints…….I have had my break and I’m hoping its the start of more to come, in safe places!

8 thoughts on “A Weekend Away……

  1. Looks like you had a lovely weekend πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦πŸ˜˜

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  2. So glad you had your break. We love going to centre Parcs. We booked for beginning of August. Looking forward. Great pics Sal. Stay blessed and stay well πŸ™

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