A Better Week….

I know I have been a big moany moanhead for a while!! Friends probably sick of it but my nearest and dearest have really stuck by me and listened with patience and helped me through it. My dear neighbours have kept me going with bbq’s and tea in the driveway!!! Its been tough but when folk just understand and can see the physical and mental pain you are in and just drop a text or pop by for a cuppa and a chat, it really helps! It distracts for that day and we are still just doing one day at a time!!

I say this because often people don’t know what to say, or do to help. If anyone is suffering in your world, its the simple things that go a long way. A simple gesture, a chat, a friendly ear!! If you are too busy, don’t bother with dropping a one liner, just wait until you are less busy to dedicate a bit of time! 10 mins is all it needs sometimes!!

If folk are still running the rat race, desparately trying to homeschool their kids to be the next presidents….. just calm down!!! Look at the bigger picture. If the last few months can’t change you…. nothing will! Slow down folks, breathe in today. Each passing moment is just that. You won’t get today ever again!

I still get a few random 6 weekly messages, Sal, how are you? I give up answering properly and just reply with, how are you!!!!??? That usually ends the conversation as the person is often too busy or going through their own dramas and that is ok !!! So much happens over a week, I ain’t got time to write a novel on whassap!!!

I’m still me, a different me but under a few layers, I still laugh at funny stuff and find daily life amusing. Takes a bit more out of me to smile but I’m getting there.

Anyway, this year, all of it, damn 2020….. its been rough, every day of it. Its July now, half of it gone….. grateful to be alive!! My pains are under control therefore my head is under control. I am just about managing to think now or just be, instead of falling and falling!

This week has been a better one. I hesitate to use good or great, it will come and hit me back in the face so lets just say, I have adjusted more. Adjusted to the new normal, the different life I lead now, the different Sal. It is the way I expect life to be going forward but I feel content and don’t need or want for anything! A few folk around me have adjusted too seeing it all first hand

I just love love love the precious hours and hours and bonus hours I have had with Gurv and the kids!! The kids are too entertaining!! Growing fast, taller than me now but really enjoying their time. Through all the crap they have had to endure, they are happy and keep me smiling every day. I couldn’t ask for anything else in the world!

So although I am not too mobile still and not out and about yet, I am just love being the laziest chick around!!! I love my bed, blankets on the sofa, sleeping in the day, hot baths….. just larding myself around with no obligation to do anything or having a schedule…… It is bliss!

I could do with a little more energy, or just some energy as I’d really like to clean my oven but its not happening at the moment. Everything is very slow but hey….. what is wrong with slow!!!

I have managed to sleep without pills for 5 days now….. go me!! A big achievement!!! Keeping up with a bit of self love and self healing each day….. trying to keep weight on!! Putting extra lbs on is just not happening either but my body is doing a job so I will be patient! I don’t seem to be loosing any extra so that is good!

So there it is, I wanted to share my better week but with caution. A happier post…… a clearer mind! I don’t have any pics in my phone for this blog, my camera is empty !!

Here are some pics of tiny kids….. keep popping up on my timelines and brings smiles so I can share…… we have lived a lifetime already……. each day is a bonus now xxx

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