Lifewave patching….

Let me tell you about my day….

Woke up with back pain, got myself to the dentist! A whole random ordeal but got a filling replaced by a reluctant dentist since I’m on chemo. The idiots in the goverment have different rules for the elderly and those with cancer because it doesnt affect them directly and lets look at this from the top….. clearly a well thought out plan to create a smaller and healthier population.

The Cancer Crisis will be on Panorama this week. I dont think I can bare to watch it as reality will hit me in the face and I just can’t deal with it now.

Yes maybe I sound crazy but opening pubs and rubbish macdonalds and not gyms or spas! We’ve all seen pics of Bourmouth and now Soho this weekend and folks with limited brain cells just crawling on top of each other like it is frikkin New Year’s Eve ….

It’s perfectly fine to open all shops and restaurants but all alternate therapists are still banned….. go figure! Its too dangerous to have physio or massages or even have a face to face with your GP but hey, go sit in a bar or pub for hours after raiding frikkin primark. Bloody nonesence the lot of it.

I could rant for days but I can’t change the world so not wasting my time or energy….. just keeping me and my family safe until this crap blows over.

I have managed to get home visits from my GP and nurses so that is something. My accupuncturist has managed to jump a hoop and see emergency patients so I get that. The rest I am sitting tight for. Wait for the selfish idiots running or ruining the population to decide their next random plan of action to “protect” us.

Anyway I went for my bloods at Spire. I am usually greeted my an army of NHS staff fussing over forms and my temperature etc but today I was greeted by this random piece of technology which took my temperature from a 2 meter distance. It was actually quite cool.

Whatever next!!!

My temp was 36.5 so I was allowed in. I had a massive moan to lovely Lesley as she asked me how I was. This is meant to be my good week. I currently am dealing with a crappy mouth, chronic back ache, stomach ache, nausea, fatigue and I think a urine infection may be brewing….. I’ve not had that yet so mayaswell throw that on my head aswell……

I’ve got treatment on Wed, as long as my bloods are ok…. which I think they will be. I came home, had a protein shake and then threw up! What a joyous day so far!!!

I’ve been in chronic pain all day so out came the paracetamol, morphine, heat mat….. tears…….

Anyway, I have these patches that help with many things but pain is one of them. Lots of my close friends have heard about them and I have used them on some of you and miracles have happened. I cant explain it too well, it should have a blog of its own and if I can I’ll do one, along with my hypnotherapy experiences but anyway…. my little patch worked and about 20 mins later my pain finally subsided after about 9 hours.

This is the patch on my foot and is on an accupressure location specifically for liver detox. I have one under my belly button for pain, one at the back of my neck for anxiety and now one on my back again for pain.

I have seen an immediate reaction from using pain patches and over the last year, my family all use patches instead of paracetamol. They are not cheap but a patch can be left on for 48 hours and can tackle almost anything. They are big in Asia and America but you have to join a private group to buy them.

Here is the sciency bit…..

Lifewave phototherapy patches reflect infrared light from your body to induce biochemical changes.

The light from your body is used as a carrier to send signals from the crystalline structures in the patch to the body.

These signals (wavelengths of light) induce biochemical changes- just like SUNLIGHT triggers the body to make vitamin D.

Using a patch is DIFFERENT to using lasers or actual powered light sources- these have ONE wavelength and are very very strong wattage compared to what is produced by the body.

The light emitted by your body has your own SIGNATURE WAVELENGTHS that cannot be replicated. But the patch reflects these SIGNATURE wavelengths with the same wattage produced by your body- so this is instantly recognisable and usable by your body.

This is why the patches are so gentle yet SO EFFECTIVE!

Different patches send different signals and induce DIFFERENT BIOCHEMICAL and PHYSIOLOGICAL changes in the body.

Look up PHOTOBIOMODULATION which has hundreds of published studies on PubMed to see how light affects the body.

Acupuncturists have also noted that patches on acupuncture points produce effects similar to LASER ACUPUNCTURE and are way more powerful than needles.

There is basically about 10 or so different patches. Literally a patching protocol for almost every single ailment from pain, autism to hair growth, anti ageing, depression, anxiety, scar healing, arthritis, hayfever, poor eyesight, weightloss, insomnia… you name it. I’ve read millions of testimonies and watched hundreds of videos and read lots of published articles. These patches have been around for years and years and have never reached mainstream. Is it money? yes probably but they are working for me to control some of my symptoms and my blood work consistently comes out positive. My body is wrecked but has overcome many many harsh treatments and side effects.

I’ve been using them for about a year but I give things ago before I rave on about it. Tested and proven by a really challenging case! Some pain meds just don’t work on me and I struggle every day to take pills pills pills. Drives me mad.

I am doing a lot of alternate therapy and I bring it to you piece by piece. My mum had frozen shoulder and could not change or do her hair for a few days, and had stiff hands from arthritis. After 20 mins of me patching, my mum raised both hands in the air and I handed her my knitting. I wish I’d taken a video.

I had a friends kid who pulled both calf muscles playing football. Had pain for a few days and couldn’t play. After 20 mins, was out with my boys playing footie. I have loads of examples ……. but hey dont listen to me….. google David Beckham and lifewave patches. Google athletes and energy patches. Google celebs and lifewave!!! Been on them for years!!!

Two hours ago I was crying in my bed writhing in pain and majorly pissed off …. now I bring you this really long and interesting blog which I have been meaning to write for a while……. theres stuff out there….. we just don’t know about it.

If anyone wants to join the private facebook group just to read more or learn more or just finds this stuff interesting, drop me a message and I’ll join you to it.

I feel all American now….. there are millions of You Tube videos and doctors and accupuncturists talking about lifewave patches…..

I know I do a lot and it may sound too much but it gets me through and I leave no stone unturned. Things just find me through my blog or social media or research. I have nothing to lose or gain from passing on what I find. If I can help anyone in anyway…. then yes actually I do gain!

I could post loads of you tube links but I need another wee for the fiftieth time today……. and done enough blogging for now….. I hope some of you find this interesting…… you cant put a price on health and pain …… happy researching….. !!!

9 thoughts on “Lifewave patching….

  1. My god ! These patches sound amazing! Would love to find out more so please join me to the Facebook group and any else so I can try them as I suffer from really bad osteoarthritis of the knee.

    Thank you for sharing. Best wishes for your treatment and God bless 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Couldn’t agree more Sal….. spa’s and alternative treatments not aloud even though they’ve set their stalls out with clean environments yet some shops aren’t cleaning down after each customer is silly because those who take it seriously would choose not to return somewhere if they weren’t comfortable/satisfied with procedures put in place for health and safety.

      I couldn’t watch panorama in the end either but glad it’s been brought to light.

      The patches is so interesting, I know you’ve mentioned them before but they treat Hayfever? Wow! Sending you lots of love and good vibes from our home to yours 😘 xxx

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      1. They do. One day Gurv was sneezing till 4am. Kept me awake. I slapped a patch on at 4am and he slept soundly till 9am. Even Gurv was skeptical but now patches regularly….. we arent getting any younger and I cant keep loading up on drugs x

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    1. Ahh sure I will do and I’ll send a message in facebook messenger of how to buy. Joyce who runs the group is at hand 24/7 for any help on what you need…. search the ailment at the top of the group and see what others are saying.


  2. Oh Sal. I’m so angry with our government and you make so much sense. It feels like privileged boys deciding stuff and giving contracts to their mates.

    Keep safe, and yes would love to know more about the patches. Acupuncture got me my kids, so I’m a great believer,

    Sue xx


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