The All Inclusive…..

Is anyone else feeling a bit like they are in an all inclusive resort now?!!! Its like all other focuses are moving away and we have all this time thinking about food. What we are cooking and what are we snacking on!! Kitchen is just there all day, I am in and out all day a hundred times just for the hell of it!!

Someone in the house is always wandering in the kitchen!! Kitchen is not lonely!!! I started to get a bit ancy yesterday not knowing where my next shop was coming from!!! I had to even talk it out with Gurv …. I wanted some prawn crackers and popcorn and was feeling like it was getting out of control!!! We won’t starve, we have everything but you know sometimes you just fancy something and usually just nip out to grab it……. that has been taken away !!

I think to keep everyone upbeat aswell, mealtimes are quite important! You can plan together, cook together, eat together and then still mither over who will clean up 🤣!! My two are on dishwasher duty, well emptying it at least. Such a boring job!! They hate it but I am making them do it so they know this ain’t no party!! They can jolly well, play their part too with all the dishes we are getting through!!!

Saying that, everyone doing their own brekko in our house! I do a quick, light lunch and a nice meal in evening! Yesterday all went to pot though as I needed to break the routine and ended up making pancakes at 3pm….. then our timings went haywire and all went crazy in the Cheema household!!!! We just fancied a weekend treat!

I think berries are a little luxury and we should appreciate them as such!!! Mine are growing in garden so hopefully I won’t run out after the shops run low!

We had planned to do veggie sausages, mash and gravy but that all went out the window so we are saving it for maybe tonight! I need to concentrate today and not fail again!!

I ended up making noodles and chicken wings for the kids very late on and I had a vegan cheese and cucumber sandwich with salt and vinegar crisps at 10.30pm in Amars bed and then flopped straight into mine!!! Utter fail 🤣

Was yummy though!!

Need to do some better exercise now!! I did a tiny bit yesterday and was pleased with my efforts. Need to step it up a notch to keep everything in order and not become fat bloaters at the end of this! Its great for the mind too. I just wanna go for a massive walk.

The park is so quiet and peaceful and empty this morning, I could just run out and have it all to myself for half an hour but my back won’t allow me right now which is frustrating. Is ok, I WILL get there….. I am more determined than ever….. any day now I will be bragging about my walk!!! I am almost there and if I break, I’ll just have to deal with it after!!!

We are part way through our first proper weekend, folk are starting to go stir crazy and climb the walls but hey, at least we lost an hour and didn’t gain one!!! Noone needs an extra hour right now!!! To do more of nothing with!!!

Think happy thoughts, we are heading very quickly for a very grim and harsh time ahead as preparations for hospitals and crematoriums are gearing up for the disaster that is looming on us now. Take it one day at a time. Keep your mind calm and loved ones close. Try break away from the grim reports and all day updates. It will bring you down. If you do have kids in the house, be mindful of what they see too. This could go on for a while, grand scale and for me their happiness and mental health is paramount right now.

Enjoy the day you have right in front of you. Unfortunately for many, today will be their last. Think about our NHS and all staff on front line who are literally living the nightmare face to face on a daily basis now. I cannot even begin to imagine the trauma they are going through every minute of every day. Decisions they have to make on who’s life they save and who’s they don’t. Pray for them that need us to stay put the most.

All we need to do it sit at home and wait it out. Truly, we have it easy as can be for now. Today, I am so very grateful to see blue sky, I am thrilled to bits it is not raining and we had a good week for weather to start us off in lockdown.

I am looking forward to a nice relaxing sunday with my boys! Love to all, have a special day with your families and feel free to share any nice things you are doing today xxx

3 thoughts on “The All Inclusive…..

  1. Those pancakes looked delicious! For the first time ever, our house/laundry is dead quiet on a Monday morning. Very surreal. Can’t imagine the nightmare others are going through. Just feeling very lucky to be ok and if the worst that can happen to us is sitting at home, then I can dig it.
    Stay safe guys and enjoy that lovely weather!


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