Cycle 4 done……onwards!

A hesitant start to the week having to go in for treatment but can safely say, all my appointments are now done, I can rest for the next 3 weeks without being forced to venture out.

I am trying to push it all back now so I can just get on and it doesn’t take over my thoughts all day every day but with pain still lurking, it does hold me back still. The worry of what the pain is, why, how long it is going to last…. it is just annoying. I think I am doing ok apart from that.

I do take a tiny glance back and noticed that I am miles ahead of where I was in Jan and Feb! Chronic pain and fatigue is probably 80% improved! I was on nausea meds for first few weeks in March every day which has now settled and stopped, which is fabby!! I am not napping during the day now so getting a good nights sleep most days and keeping in a good routine. I like to rise early and not waste those precious, quiet mornings when the house is quiet and the world is just waking!! That is my prayer time, time to be grateful and time to listen to the birds chirping away!!!!

I have just been loving the weather. This week has been fantastic in the sun. Given all the seeds and flowers a real head start! Really hope it continues and temperatures don’t drop too much. All the gardeners amongst us have immaculent gardens so early on in the year!!! Even the non gardeners have been pottering around taking advantage of a bit of free time!! If I just have my garden and bit of sun…. I’m happy as can be!!!

I seem to be maintaining a bit of weight now. Not putting to much on but not losing any more. Go me!!! I think I am eating well but still a little up and down. I have got my ass back into the kitchen and managing to cook a good dinner. I told Gurv last night that he should be pleased about this as it was his task to feed is ontop of everything else so that is a good relief now!! However, I think I’ve gone off indian food a bit right now! Struggling with taste and what I can get down me…… well you gotta have a bit if drama !!!!

I’ve not done much the last 2 days since treatment, felt a bit wobbly so just took the days to sit and rest.

Settled myself in the sun for two days!!!

I did however order a mini trampoline just in the nick of time and it was delivered a few days ago so I have started to gently bounce in it for a few minutes a day. It is great for lymph drainage. I am not by no means at all jumping up and down on it…… well not yet anyway!!!

The kids used it to make a massive and very impressive obstacle course in the garden and spent half the day racing around it!!! How lovely it is to have the kids just playing…… outdoors, giggling, sunshine…… ! No uniforms, no school runs, no strict routines monday to friday…… its still early days but I am enjoying not being on my own all day!!

I am eager to start walking and just exercising but not going to overdo it and set myself back right now. But I am itching to go …… it has been a while since my limbs got a good workout!!

I have managed to get an appointment with a nurse from the pain management clinic early next week which I am keeping everything crossed for……. just break through this bloody pain, get to the root cause and banish it completely!!!! They will visit me at home, hopefully assess and get down to the root cause of the issue and maybe just need some different type of drugs for a bit.

Last night, I was feeling quite unwell but at 8pm, all my neighbours popped out and we all applauded all the staff on the front line. I have been watching everyone’s videos. Was a real emotional moment. We could hear it from the adjacent streets aswell…… how the entire country just stopped and came together for a few minutes. I do worry like everyone else, we are in a real state of emergency but all we can do it sit and ride it out in the best way possible and come out as really good humans at the end of it.

I really salute them…… uttermost respect πŸ’—

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