Make a List…..

Every day, well most days….. I have lists all around me. To be honest, it started with my meds on a strict regimen as to avoid drug interactions, underdosing, overdosing, pain management and basically functioning as best I can in a day.

Now with the kids home, I don’t want to roll around in pyjamas all morning and secretly make myself look presentable when they are due in the front door!!

I am miles better now and in perfect timing so I can spend this time with them properly. For me this time is so utterly precious and I will make the most of every minute, creating special moments, having fun, teaching them life skills, cuddling up with movies every night and getting one nap in during the day so they can play their precious games!!!! I am looling forward to it and for me in my situation, although not ideal for the world, it is perfect for me!

So the list, if you have lots of things to do and a bit of spare time, you can do a to do list! This is obvious, but remember, there is no race, if things get done then fab, enjoy ticking them off!!!

If they dont, just roll them over for another day. This has helped me achieve so much more and my lists started of with just airy fairy things like have a bath and do 20 mins yoga in the morning and have a nap !!!

This has progressed to starting to knit a blanket, cleaning out drawers and potting plants!!!

You don’t always have to have a To Do list but a, “What I did List” !!! These are usually my favourite as on a good day, they just grow and grow…… I drank more fluids….. tick tick tick !!!

I started out with keeping my notebook by my bedside on my worse days when I was really unwell with really simple things and I would write my list as I went on!! For example:

Have a shower, eat breakfast, drink 4 glasses of water!!! I could barely manage 2!!! This kept me going when I felt like I was just existing for a good few weeks. Each day would be an improvement on the last, or I’d at least try my hardest to achieve this. This is how I pulled myself out of the fog of it all!

I loved my lists of achievements and I keep a journal next to my bed!! I refer to it daily almost and it shows me how far I have come since January!

Sometimes, I write all the little things down and it gives me great pleasure to see that I achieved more than yestersay and if I’ve had an off day and there is not much on my list……. then it is a rest day!!!

There are no rules, don’t worry your head about running with everything now, there is time on our hands. Use it well, use it slowly, no rushing, take a few minutes to open the window in the early hours of the morning and fill your lungs with the fresh dawn that arrives each day. Just stop and stare, listen to the bird song, if it is cold, embrace the crispness!

As soon as it warms up, place your bare feet on the earth or grass outside and just feel grounded with the universe. Take your time and touch the trees, sit next to a tree and read that book, sit outside with that cup of coffee. We all need to stop and heal the earth together now.

If you have kids, bring them with you for those few minutes throughout the day, teach them to slow down too and appreciate the earth around them, now is the time to recallibrate. Hopefully once we are through this, this time will not come again in this way.

A lovely friend sent this yesterday and I think it is a fantastic idea and should be shared across the globe for reasons outlined and also to save a bit of our planet’s resources every day:

Positive morning thoughts lead to a positive and happy day …… have a lovely day and feel free to share your top 3 achievements !!!! Now for that fresh morning crisp air…… go grab it folks, its all free….πŸ’—

2 thoughts on “Make a List…..

  1. Hi Sal, I just can’t wait to see you
    Your words keeps me going strong For my family my friends
    You are just an amazing human being. Bless you and your beautiful family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will try call you in the evening my friend…. there is still facetime. I hope you are managing to feed to family 3 times a day….. the biggest task 🀣 xxx


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