The Realisation….

Will you slow down now? I have watched folk around me rush about their daily lives. Needing to do so many jobs in a day. Need to be here, pick up this, drop into town, meet someone, make several phone calls. All of it!

Over 2 years ago, my life stopped point blank and I just slowed down, I stopped because suddenly nothing mattered apart from my health and my family. Suddenly every job, task, chore fell to insignificance. Nothing needed to be done. Yes the kids had to be taken to school and back and we needed to be fed but life became simpler over night.

No tough decisions to make, no rushing, no pressure on housework or doing the dishes. Did it all really matter if things didn’t get done on time?

Now in such uncertain times, everyone will come to the realisation of what is actually important, what needs to be done. I think life will change for the masses and for most there will be a change for life.

Take away the going out, the bars, the cafes, the lunches, the entertainment, the shopping…… to be frank…. the irrelevant stuff!!

What do you have around you and what do you need in life….. its simple, just take a step back…. like I did 2 years ago.

All you need is your family and your friends. Quality time with each other! The company, the chats, the friendships! Do you need to go to a swanky restaurant or can you enjoy the time in each others houses? Sit in the garden, have that cuppa at the neighbours house!

I am the queen and master of filling in time at home, so if anyone is feeling nervous or needs some tips….. I’m your woman!!!

I have spent a few months at home already and quite content just resting, sleeping, doing facemasks, having hot baths, cleaning out drawers….. all those tasks you never had time to do!

But with all this time on our hands now, take time to just sit and look out into the garden, breathe, be present, close your eyes and clear the mind. Refocus, meditate……. all these things I have mastered over the last two years to get me through some testing times.

Now suddenly, I don’t feel as alone in my struggles. Right or wrong in my thinking, so many more, all of us living in fear, anxious times, uncertainty, life on hold, holidays cancelled, can’t leave the house….. different circumstances but same thing really. All those bags, clothes and shoes, how much does all that mean now there is nowhere to go?

Create some places of calm at home, some happy spots! Do the same for the kids…… print out those photos….. the ones that make you smile!

Next to my bed….. plants to purify the air I breathe all night !

Phone your friends, make time for those chats and I will make time for my blogs!

Amar’s wall of rock!

Its time to just do, don’t put off any longer. Think about what is important and make your home your haven.

In uncertain times, I will be going ahead with my 4th cycle of treatment next week and bloods. Who knows where we will be then but I am sure I will be looked after. I will take each day as it comes.

I struggled today but pushed through my pain after sleeping until midday! I ventured out into the garden and planted up the front beds. I figured I would be in pain regardless of whether I did stuff or not so just worked with it and now very pleased with my efforts!!!

Even found a few organic carrots in my trug from last year, 1 onion and a beetroot !!! Hopefully veggies go in tomorrow…… is the plan!!

I hope I have inspired some of you…. plant up the garden or pots, get the vegetable seeds in and you will reap the benefits all summer long!! I just can’t wait till it is all blooming away in full colour !!!

We live in a small world and we are all connected. Stay safe dear friends and feel free to reach out….. we are all in this together and we will get through it with love, kindness and a bit of extra banter !!!