Results are in again….

A busy week for me!! Playing a bit of hospital bingo once more…..did I get full house…… no not yet!!

Firstly bloody corona!! It has got me proper paranoid, scared and just annoyed!! I haven’t come this far to have everything wrecked by this bloody covid virus. Lots of uncertainty and worry hyped up by reporters, social media and the general public.

Lots of selfish folk just carrying on with the thought…. oh it won’t affect me…….! That’s just the attitude that is spreading this damn thing. Panic buying means I was unable to get some essentials last week coupled with the fact that sainsbury’s have cancelled all home deliveries until 3rd April….. so unfortunately, robbed of my only job I could do from under my duvet and now another job added to Gurveer’s endless list of things to do! Online shopping was my thing!

So the results, my heart scan was good YAYYYY!!! CT SCAN is stable….. half YAYY!!! My oncologist was very pleased with me and I know I am being impatient but I need to see shrinkage to get excited over it! Stable is good but just not good enough. I always aim that little bit higher!!

I really need to try and put it all aside for a short while and just get on with life but with all these symptoms, its easier said than done. Saying that, I was in Windsor for my scan on Friday and popped into pizza express for lunch. I almost ate my full starter!!! Thats all I managed but we had a lovely view and the restaurant to ourselves.

Blue skies but too cold to walk about. So I sat with my hot lemon water and didn’t people watch as there was noone there!!!
Leisurely 1.5 hrs, noone came in and noone came out…… strange times!

The roads are quiet, the shops are quiet but I quite like it. It is calmer. You can walkaround and get parking and not be walking on peoples toes. This level of people in London is ideal for me!!! I will enjoy the next few weeks!

I could debate for hours on corona and the absolute hash the media are making of it all causing a lot of fear and panic…..we have 21 deaths in UK so far over the last few weeks There are over 450 cancer deaths a day in UK alone. I havent even started on deaths due to heart failure, pneumonia, diabetes etc….

Dont just watch the news and absorb it all in…. think around it, find out what the stats are telling us. Anyway Im not going to into one on this blog, everyone probably sick of it all already!!

My oncologist was very happy with how everything is going. Dr Wasan is such a brilliant guy, really puts my mind at rest and I trust his judgement.

I really need to put weight on now. I have fallen below the 50 kg mark which I was desperate to avoid as it means we have to lower the dose of one my meds herceptin, which is the targeted drug. Aarrgghh

Also if anything was to arise in the next few months and I need another treatment or surgery, I need to have some strength and body mass to cope with it. I have started on a new dose of steroids. See if that improves the energy, appetite, means I will do more, eat more, drink more……. is the idea! Let’s see, I am trying my best!!!

This is one of his bands that he plays in !

Weird times around us at the moment, hang tight, check in on your friends. Everyone has different ways of dealing with these situations and many are scared and isolation can be a nightmare. Instead of dropping a text this week, how about picking up the phone!!! I’ve spoken to 6 people already this week cos I picked up the phone πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ