ABC….CBD – A Direct Correlation???

I am going to start with the funny part!!! I still get chatted up on insta fairly frequently!!! This latest guy doesnt even know if we live in the same country and neither do I and I didn’t bother to even find out!!! It keeps me amused though!!!


So back to the point of today’s blog, often I experiment with my alternatives!! I want to know what is working and what is not so the only way to find out is to jiggle about with it when I can.

Since Jan, as most of you know, I have been sleeping a lot and totally void of any energy and unable to do life really! I have been on my new treatment for 8 weeks now and just completed cycle 3 last wednesday. I thought the chronic fatigue was due to my high dose cbd oil and I needed to get to the bottom of it… so I stopped taking it for a bit.

When I stop taking something, it can be hard to introduce it again. For a variety of reasons but often when you dont feel well….. you just don’t feel like having anything at all.

Anyway….. a long story short…. 5 days ago, I started taking my high dose CannabiGold again, every morning under the tongue for about 20 mins or longer as I just fall asleep again!! You have to tier up slowly but since I have taken it previously I went a bit faster.

Yesterday and today, my energy has returned somewhat and I have been able to do a little more, basically function! Yesterday, we were invited to QE Boys school for an award ceremony as Suraj was given the music award for his year group!! Suraj played the saxophone for the audience which included members of Barnet council and the president of Nottingham University.

It was quite the occassion with all the teachers in attendance, dressed in their respective graduation gowns, entering and leaving the ceremony in procession to the brass ensemble! I give you details of the evening as all week I had in my mind that I wouldn’t attend. It was due to finish at 9pm after which a buffet and drinks were served! This was way too late for me.

Suraj came to me the day before and asked me if I was going to attend and followed with, “This is a bit of a big deal mum!” With that, I packed my meds, had my rest and attended the award ceremony!!!

We didn’t come home till just before 11pm and you know what??? I didn’t turn into a pumpkin!!! Several people came up to us after Suraj’s performance and congratulated us!! Not many of Suraj’s school teachers know about Suraj’s passion for music and not many know about the trials and tribulations about what is going on at home so it just felt good! It was a real proud mummy moment and I was really elated that I went and managed through it!

Today was scan day!! This meant fasting for 4 hours. Now when you are not eating very much as it is is this can totally interrupt the schedule which I wasn’t very happy about! My appointment was at 2 p.m. I had a few errands to do in the morning which I have been putting off for weeks and weeks but today I got a few of my jobs done.

After my last scan I shovelled in a couple of biscuits and cup of tea whilst waiting for my images and then rushed home to sleep. Today, I was getting hangry so we ventured out for a cheeky Nando’s before the school run and I even came home and made dinner!!!

I think I’m shrinking a little bit so I thought I should get some chips down me. I ate half of this meal!!!

Anyway I think I have gone off track a little bit!! The point was after 5 Days of taking my high dose CBD oil I have seen a significant improvement in my fatigue and and increased energy levels. Looks like a direct correlation! I haven’t had anywhere near normal for weeks. With cancer, you cannot tell…. everyday is a different day so I don’t want to jump ahead of myself I’m just happy today day. Knowing my luck I’ll end up passed out for half of the day tomorrow!!!

I should get my results soon I am feeling well well so everything crossed for for good scan results let’s see what next week brings. One day at a time!!!

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