You Wore My Shorts….!!!

This week we had an argument in the Cheema household! It didn’t last too long but threw a host of emotions up for one reason or another The argument was between the boys and I will give you the jist of it!!

On a recent birthday, a video game was purchased. Inside the cover of said game was a voucher for a power up in one of the games. A conversation happened on how they would share and since boy 1 got the game, boy 2 shared the voucher.

Then the precious voucher was lost for a couple of weeks and forgotten about!

Last night an argument happened because boy 1 got changed in boy 2’s room and flung their shorts on the floor which remained on the floor for a few days. After a few days boy 2 picked said shorts off floor and wore them and guess what was in the pocket!!! THE VOUCHER!!

A big argument followed!!!! You cant just wear my shorts! They were on my floor! Its my voucher! You lost it! Still my voucher. Was in my shorts. Shorts were in my room! You can’t just wear my clothes! Take them off! Give me the voucher! No, I found it!

It went on and although it made me chuckle, it was so precious that it made me cry. I haven’t heard the boys argue in months and months. Not heard them squabble or fight or be mean to each other. It felt so ‘normal’ like every day we don’t live normal! The reason is the kids will do anything to make sure I don’t get disturbed at all. I dunno what happened last night and poor Suraj, always the one to back down tried his best not to let the quarrel get out of hand.

I just want them to be kids…. I retreated to my room and just listened out! I almost loved the sound of them arguing, both putting their case forward as to who’s shorts and who’s voucher…. really tickled me, the sillyness of it all but really made me feel sad at the same time. Showed me how on guard they are normally. I knew the situation would affect them and you never know how but here it is…. is it normal for kids not to squabble?!

So anyway ….. cycle 3 is done.

I don’t feel amazing but had a really rough night so saving amazing for tomorrow!! I ate brekko and lunch and promised Eileen and Priya that I will be 5kgs heavier in 3 weeks time!!!

I really had a big moan today and then we all moaned together about the rubbish weather!

Next few weeks we will know more about the situation! CT Scan is booked, echocardiogram booked. Need to book in to see my consultant. Everything crossed again for amazing scans and then we start all over again…….

I’ve been reading and hearing good things about this drug combo so it better do good things for me. I’m counting on it. Bloodwork is good so that’s a start. Amazing bloodwork!!!

I managed to have a sleep and boy 1 and boy 2 are being picked up and delivered home !! I should really go out and buy them some more clothes 🤣 !

P.S. Tune in to BBC Asian Network on Friday morning at 11am. This chick has something to say !

4 thoughts on “You Wore My Shorts….!!!

  1. Nice to have some normalcy after so long! Fingers crossed that they have many more fights and trouble you for a long long long time!! 🙂 Maybe when they turn 50, you can finally box their ears!?!?! :0

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