World Cancer Day

4th Feb….. World Cancer Day….. make everyone aware! Yesterday I just couldn’t put any words together, I was really not feeling anything at all. After the bashing I’ve had over the last month, I just feel weak and numb and a bit pissed off really!! So this is what I came up with today…… my words of wisdom!

So, on a more positive note, my belly has gone down. I didn’t think it would go down at all. It had been too long and it scared me. I wasn’t my usual confident self and was struggling to see how I could just get rid of the fluid without having the drain procedure.

I was carrying just under a litre of fluid on my belly and I am quite small so for me it was all too much. My friends have reported 6 or 7 litres and once they have it drained, it just fills up again so can cause other issues and complications which I really wanted to avoid.

After a month of carrying all this extra weight, my stomach just went down by itself last night. I woke up and looked in the mirror and then checked with my tape measure. I have been keeping a weight and belly circumference diary!!! So for the last month I have been 80cm!!! Everyone can run and check their own bellies now and compare !!!! This morning I was down to 74cm!! Go me!!

I have had belly ache for 2 days but I am thankful and quite pleased that hopefully I am getting over this chapter now. Significantly smaller and a lot less pain now. Usually I’d be high fiving myself…. I did it…. I am pleased but excuse me if I don’t jump for joy. I’d probably break something.

I’ll soon be more confident to leave the house and hope to be driving again very soon so I can cover some of the school runs. We currently have a schedule of helpers sharing the task right now! I march onwards!

Someone recently asked me if I was still doing oxygen therapy. I’m not sure why but I blamed the weather and distance on why I had not continued. The truth is that a lovely lady called Annabel started her wellness practice in London and offered Oxygen therapy for cancer patients at half price for Β£50 per session.

In August last year, Annabel’s breast cancer returned and we lost a caring and great soul. Shortly after this I received an email informing all the clients of the loss and offered treatments back at the usual cost of Β£120 per hour!! This is just way out of my budget so needless to say, I won’t be doing oxygen therapy going forward!!! I couldn’t even start to tell you how much I have spent on alternate treatments. Some folk agree with it, others wont but you can’t put a price on feeling well for a day!

Anyway February is Bile Duct Cancer awareness month and the day falls on 12th Feb, the date of my next treatment. I don’t have much strength to power through with raising awareness and shouting about it so I am just sitting back on my laurels for the moment.

My dear friend Caroline and partner Andy are doing a lovely thing for me in giving up alcohol for a month to raise money for AMMF!! My friend Caz loves a drink over the weekend so I know this won’t be as easy but all for a good cause! Thank you Caroline and Andy… this means a lot to me and my family x

See link here if you would like to sponsor Caroline and Andy.

My mojo is waiting in the wings. I will get it back very soon. I can feel it but need a little more time!! My appetite has come back and I am cooking a tiny bit now but eating well. Still not managing to put weight back on but not worried. Everything in good time.

A lovely friend sent me this beautiful hug in the post!! It was so sweet and thoughtful and really made me smile!!! Such a simple gesture but I’d never received a hug in the post before!! Cute little idea so today I’m sending all my friends a virtual hug because I haven’t seen or spoken to hardly anyone for weeks and missed all my lovelies xxx

8 thoughts on “World Cancer Day

  1. Superwoman Sal strikes again…….Go you full stop. Well done yet again for listening to your instinct and didn’t need to undergo needle nightmare on top of everything. Also I’m relieved to read your finally feeling better & eating!!. As always I’m in awe of you. Sooo shitty January has done one…..Yaaahhhh and I’m sending TONS of positive vibes for a Fab February, being much kinder to you. Will be thinking about you on 12th. Sorry your literally going through such painful times again but glad your rising like a Phoenix again. πŸ’ͺ😍 Hugs full of Love always from us (Christine & Adam) xxx

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    1. My lovely Christine and Adam…. thank you for spurring me on!! I suppose I am doing better than I think I am, your words have showed me that!! I do need the encouragement! Love u always xxx


  2. After such a crappy start to the year it’s great to read that you are starting to feel a little better😁 I hope you can enjoy all the Cheema Birthdays πŸŽ‚ Lots of love to you all and everyone who is looking after youπŸ’ XX

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    1. Thanks Lou. I do always seem to perk up for stuff in the nick of time! Lets see…. I am not making plans but just happy to enjoy the day with my boys xxx


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