Goodbye 2019

Its almost the end of the year and I haven’t written my end of year post. So here it is. 2019 has been pretty brutal. Well it has in no uncertain terms. There’s being unwell and there’s this!!! Ridiculous. Totally and utterly!! This last week has just finished me off completely.

However, on the plus side, looking back at everything we have tackled this year, I have managed not to have a total mental breakdown and we have made the most of the good days as much as was physically possible.

We have travelled, which when writing a blog is good to look back on! I did the stuff I said I would do! Made the memories, enjoyed precious time with the kids!! In these circumstances, we have broken up the hard times with some really fun times!! A lot of my friends have really stuck by me, my 12hr walk alone in September just proved that!!

2020 has just got to be better than this.

So blogwise …. I know I’ve been low on writing of late but I have been sleeping, a lot which is a good thing! Less of the 5am starts and the 2am finishes. Apart from when I have been binge watching on netflix ! Sleeping has become a lot more regular …. and that is my quiet creative time where I can just write it all out!

I almost painted my map of the world! The whole thing! If I didn’t have all those setbacks, I probably would have coloured it all in!!! I can be quite resourceful!!!

My bloggy world 2019

Not bad right, I’d say Ive got round two thirds of the world at least with my ramblings! The latest countries to join in were Camaroon and Trinidad and Tobago! I think I have a Uni friend in Trinidad so possibly my avid reader is there … please feel free to drop a message and say hello and then invite me to your house and beach !!!

People dipped into my blog every single day of the year! Even Christmas day …. I wondered if there was a few folk that maybe just needed a lift ….. needed to read something funny in a dire crisis situation just to remind themselves that whatever the situation….. it is not that bad.

After another year of this pain and suffering, I come out stronger and wiser and even more knowledged. I feel like I can help another cancer patient through their suffering. I understand life that much more and realise how precious and fragile it is too after losing friends this year.

What’s next? I can’t really think in normal terms although I know I should! Its all based around my upcoming appointments. Treatment on 2nd Jan, closely followed up with my next scan, closely followed up with my oncologist to decide on next steps. I feel like there hasnt been much rest from it lately but there it is and that is how it goes.

So to all my family, friends and blog readers across the globe…. wishing you all a very healthy and happy New Year filled with Peace and Love. May lots of amazing things unfold in the new year. New Year….New Strength… New Outlook.

So here is where we went this year!! I say ‘we’ as many of you travelled the world on your own adventures and took my blog with you! Thank you for joining me on this treacherous but humble journey, join me in 2020 if you can, I will bring you all my miracles as and when they happen x

7 thoughts on “Goodbye 2019

  1. Wow, amazing to see all those Countries Sal. You continue to uplift and inspire others through your blog, sharing your story, with all its ups and downs. I hope 2020 brings more ups and less downs to you x

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  2. Wishing you all good things in 2020. Looking forward to hearing about your travels. You are truly amazing. Sending you lots of hugs. xxx


  3. Hope all is well for you my lovely friend in 2020 and years ahead. We all love you loads and look forward to all our entertaining and fun meet ups in New Year 😘


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