The Big Christmas Wash Out….

Everyone is sharing pictures of Christmas day with their loved ones, presents all wrapped up and tables set, matching pyjamas and all that!! Well here’s me doing a royal Sal special tradition and all I can say is after 2 days I am really pleased to say that I managed to stand up and have a shower!!!!

23rd Dec, I started to get a bit of a cough…. what I didn’t know is how quickly I would go down. Woke up on Christmas eve with a high temperature. With the holidays looming, I needed to get to the hospital and fast. By the time I got there, I was struggling to stand up and I left with 7 days worth of antibiotics.

I basically didn’t see Christmas eve, or Christmas day or most of boxing day. I’m not bothered myself but a bit annoyed that I couldn’t make it special for the kids. I did however manage to do a little treasure hunt in the morning for Suraj and Amar to find their presents which was pretty cool !!! I didn’t manage many pictures but it was pretty special and their wishes came true!! Two very happy bunnies!

Another thing that has annoyed me is that Gurveer ended up just looking after me as usual instead of getting a few days off at Christmas. Poor guy deserves a break now. He tried sleeping in another room on xmas day to watch the sport which I swiftly vetoed telling him he needed to check me at regular intervals!!! A high temperature can be very serious when you are on chemo and I was knocked out so needed Gurv to keep an eye out. He has spent the last two days ferrying the kids out so they could still enjoy while I just slept and slept!

What a frikkin wash out….. the weather was quite nice and all and we could have gone for a walk!! Is ok, there are still some days left! It does feel a bit weird though…. have I just missed Christmas 2019…. I think I have!

This time last year, we were in LA and I had the same thing and ended up in bed for 3 days! What the hell…. angry face!!!

However, I did start early this year and I did a big roast dinner a few days before xmas and had friends over and was just such a fun evening!! I am soooo glad we did that!!! I met with friends and then did a family dinner with my sisters….was that too much excitement? Did I overdo it ?

In between bouts of complete knock out sleep, I have been enjoying everyone elses posts on social media! Brought joy to see what everyone had been up to, Christmassy pics and selfies, dinners and presents! I feel like I haven’t missed out entirely!!! So whilst I didn’t make pancakes for the kids or failed to watch a family movie or even just stay awake…. I’ve had a shower…. and I didn’t faint!!! Go me!!!

4 thoughts on “The Big Christmas Wash Out….

  1. Ah Sal, sorry to hear that ☹️ In usual Sal style you pulled it together for the kids and Gurveer looked after you as always . Much love to you all 😘😘😘xxx

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  2. Oh it’s such bad timing that you got ill and flaked but on the days you feel able you pull out the stops and excel, so try not to get hung up on missing the commercial days that you’re “supposed” to have fun on… even the most healthy people fail at that because of the hype. The best times are the personal, unplanned, impromptu, non commercial days ❤ You proved that last week. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Rest up and get well soon xxx

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