Bonus week…..

Excuse my sarcasm!!!

Whilst most attended, attending or ready to attend Christmas do’s….. I get my own little treat! I’m not jel….. been there done that!!! Got those memories!!!! What fun they were too!!! The lead up….. the preparation…. the night….. and the MOP UP afterwards going well into January !!!!!!

For moi, a different run up to chrimbo!!! Again excuse my lack of cheer and enthusiasm!!!

This week not just one appointment, not just two, but three appointments. Ooohhhh lucky me!!!

My week started with my blood tests. Need to have results before I started cycle 5. My neutrophils aka white cells aka immune system was dipping a bit last cycle. Well it dipped a tad further this cycle just below the lower range cut off. Hence a little higher risk of infection which noone needs at all so I am off my horse tabs for 7 days.

Of course, I am not distraught about this. I needed a break from those tabs! Close monitoring next couple of weeks. If I dont recover myself, then I assume I will have the immune boost injection in my belly!! I know the drill now!! In the meantime, I am helping mysrlf with extra raw organic ginger, perhaps garlic if I can take and Olive leaf tea!! Boosts the immune system! You are welcome!!!

Yesterday was my heart scan in Genesis Care in Windsor. This was my first echocardiogram after starting herceptin 3 months ago so I was a little concerned. I am pleased to report, all looks normal and everything sounds good, measured good and looked good. I have a beautiful heart 😜

I was told to go relax, enjoy Christmas and New Year!!! Mmmmmm …… I’ll come back to that later.

At Genesis, I asked if I could get some councelling. I was told, that I must be having treatment at Genesis care to be able to access complimentary therapies.

Currently Spire offers nothing but I have been told its in hand….. I’ll just hang on a bit longer then I guess.

I spoke with Penny Brohn about the same and was told there is a 6 month wait for counselling.

I was told in June by Macmillan that I could get therapy in September through Hillingdon hospital. Obviously nothing ever came through.

Good job I am not in desparate need for some help with my stage 4 diagnosis and second line treatment with scans every 8 weeks !!!!

Anyway I digress….. I’ll probably tweet/insta/facebook my grievances and see if there is any organisation out there not turning patients away!!!

So today, herceptin cycle 5…. meh…. not bothered!

Priya and Eileen made my day lovely with all the Christmas decorations. Really made a big effort and the chemo ward is even more cheery than before!!!! Really good job for everyone, especially the patients!!!

I ran to the range at weekend to get some extra decs but there was way too much going on for me and I got all confused and overwhelmed so bought a 2020 diary and left with no decs!!!! I might have another try next week!!!

I’m trying to get through the festive period as best I can. Its not easy!

New Year …. well I best keep my opinions to myself. Doubt I will last to the big countdown….whats Happy about it…… I think I just need it over with!!!

On a cheerier note, I lost weight so managed to buy a new chrimbo jumper this year from the kids section in sainsbury’s in size 12 years!!! Ages 13 and 14 were too big !!!! Saved myself a few bob!!!

Ho ho friggedy ho !!!

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