Bumbling Along……

For a start its freezing! Folk are like, oh I don’t mind the cold as long as its not raining!!!! Really??? YOU DON’T MIND IT BEING -3 DEGREES???? WHAT??? I am over here like….

Is anyone with me on this ???!!!

Everyone is gearing up for Christmas! Eagerly waiting to put the tree up, start winding down, making plans, work do’s!

I am just here counting how many Thursdays I have left this year and with one of them being on boxing day, trying to figure out whether I move my treatment forward or push it back until after……… sometimes I just lean on my trio of nurses and let them decide to save the few brain cells I have left for some other random decision I need to make.

My life is in 8 week blocks. That is when my scans are. I just pop from one scan to the next. So next one in Jan! I have been quite busy this last week and before I knew it, we seem to have reached cycle 4. Each cycle is 3 weeks…… I’ll let you do the easy maths!! So prior to each cycle, I get to go to the hospital twice in a week instead of just once. Once for bloods, then for Herceptin treatment. That was this week.

Week after week, each week, every Thursday, man it is draining!!! There is a chance I can get herceptin subcutaneously. We are currently working this out. This means instead of my weekly infusions, I will get an injection in my leg lasting 3 weeks. Injection takes about 2 to 5 mins. So less visits to the hossy! Seriously which one would you have?

Its been all fun and games behind the scenes. I have been granted funds for herceptin from the pharma company for compassionate use….. yayyy!! We are just trying to sort out the logistics of who and how it will be made up and sent to my hospital.

If I get lapatanib too which I am still working on, then since you are getting the drugs free, some insurance companies won’t pay for the administration of the drugs to the patient, so we talked about getting the treatment at home as one option. The idea is to keep my costs as low as possible.

Anyway, was all getting very complicated so I have had a word with my insurance company and they are happy for me to continue having treatment at Spire.

Actually all I wanna do is kick back and decide what colour baubles to put on the tree this year rather than all this nonsense!

But it is fine!! I feel settled at the moment so just enjoying that and feeling well. I don’t want for or need anything else right now!!

The celebs in the jungle are keeping me entertained for the time being and I am knitting away which is keeping my brain busy!! I don’t like to be left alone much with my thoughts….. it’s not really worth it!


Went yoga again this week, second week in a row and very pleased with my efforts !!

I shifted my treatment this week, sometimes I just need to break the monotony of it all. Well actually this is what happened:

All my meds have to be made up on the day and sent across. If you miss it, they expire and have to be re ordered.

It was so spur of the moment but my team asked no questions ….well until I got there!!! Juggled a few things and fitted me in. I was so grateful! It was a really busy day on the ward but my team 💞💞💞!

My meds arrived just after I did! How efficient is that !!! Not quite a beach bag is it !!! Handle with care…. but its ok for the patient 🙄

I gave my wonderful trio a break from my antics this week!! Well it was too short notice and it was too busy so I was well behaved….. they needed to concentrate!!

Lesley and Eileen’s work face !!!!!!!!!!

So today it was cycle 4………. or was it concert day!!! Another fabulous concert at Suraj’s school this evening to lift the spirits!!

Jog on cancer !!

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