On Friday she rested….

I seem to have a lot of my energy back !! It is attributable to two main reasons, well a group of reasons but I think I am working through it all well.

I am able to walk without my legs feeling like hefty weights being dragged around. I wake up without my first thought being… ‘when can I go back to bed’. I am still napping in the day but sleeping very well at night. I have strength in my body to function. I wasn’t functioning too well before!

Every time I put a wash on, I have an overwhelming feeling….. not for smelly socks but only I know how long I couldn’t manage this simple task without it draining my entire energy for the rest of the day!

I feel happy but rested. Calm but cautious. I am still waiting and plodding through the black tar that cancer put on my path but you get through it easier when feeling well.

So Monday I managed my yoga class! I hadn’t been for a while and I was just pissed off with hiding at the back trying my best to hold a pose and then falling in a heap when all the others are perfectly balanced. I waited till I had the strength and on Monday I was amazing in my class!! Felt good!!

On Tuesday, I went into London to see Lion King! I managed to get tickets through a cancer charity called Ellie’s friends. They do lots of gift experiences for folk with cancer and it is a real treat. It is a real charity, no fuss no messing. Organisations donate stuff and Ellie’s friends distribute it. A lot of my friend’s have used them too, they are lovely. I could walk!!! Walked to and from stations without feeling broken…..it is like a miracle! Really enjoyed spending time with my friends, was quite hilarious actually and just a fantastic evening!

On Wednesday, I decided to do my herceptin a day early, mainly as I have an evening planned on Thursday and didn’t want anything to ruin it! I was in and out very quickly….. was busy on the chemo ward but still, my nurses came and chatted and ensured I was fed and watered! We just have a big gossip and a giggle, these are my uniformed girlfriends!!!

So Thursday, my ex collegues have been planning a quiz night for quite some time for AMMF charity. I am really touched that they are doing this for me. My work lot have supported me a lot. We left work about 2 years ago but noone has really lost touch. When you need your friends support, they just appear. It means so much to me…. takes a lot of effort but it was a great turnout and a really enjoyable evening……over Β£800 raised for AMMF in just one evening!! Very thankful to my friend Louise for being the energy behind this quiz night!

And that takes us to Friday, you don’t need two guesses to know where I ended my week!! I thought, I could do with a good rest so I found myself in the spa chilling and relaxing. Love the spa and need to be warm in this brrrrr weather!

Yes so I was going to tell you where I am getting all my energy. Well for one, I have doubled my dose of cbd oil! Drops under the tongue for a minute or so!! It seems to be working wonders. I have not felt like this in months and months !!! I strongly believe this is one of the contributing factors to my strength right now.

I haven’t had a week like this for a very long time…. I am resting lots inbetween being out and about.

If anyone struggling with an illness or cancer and not sure about cbd and dosing etc, you can drop me a message or get in touch with a company called Realm of Care in the USA. They will point you in the right direction for your issue.

Anyway I am at the spa till tomorrow …..this chick needs to rest……. everybody shhhhhhhhh!!!!

12 thoughts on “On Friday she rested….

  1. Sal I am thrilled to read this post and see you’ve had such a beautiful week enjoying everything. Lion King is a fantastical musical. Get you walking around London on a girls night. 😘😘 Woo hoo CBD oil…..keep on keeping on honey xxxxxxxx

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  2. Hi Sal, i am glad to see you with a lots of energy on Tuesday, CBD oil
    Is working. Just do whatever you doing Lovely to see you I enjoyed
    The night out and watching the lion king. Thank you my beautiful friend

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  3. Barton is expected to hit the set Friday with the rest of the cast, which includes “High School Musical” star Corbin Bleu, after she was reportedly hospitalized at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for an involuntary psychiatric hold on July 15 for “medical issues.”


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