So there we have it, my little world, a bit more connected!! A little more painted! We have Greenland on board!!

Quite thrilled with myself !! It has been a year trying to reach that beautiful part of the world and today we have achieved!!!

Welcome friend in Greenland and thank you for reading my humble story. Maybe I will visit one day!

This week my tiny blog has also reached Jamaica and Malawi too !!! I’ve even had a comment! I think it is a sign, that I need to visit the Carribean!!!

I said I would connect the world and a little further still to go but for a year of blogging… its not bad!!

Where there is a will and determination and all that…… I am one determined lady.

So after my harsh week loosing my dear friends followed by this one filled with appointments, I decided just to FO to Westfield today!! I tried to do a full week at work but there are no rules and you need to seize the day! So instead of staying at home and feeling fretful all day, I moved myself from my 4 walls!

My only purchase today was a really strong ginger and carrot juice! I am currently saving my pennies for my drugs…… is the sensible answer!!

For anyone that knows Westfield and how huge it is….. today, a Wednesday morning, there was a queue on both sides of the mall on all 3 sides!!! Hundreds and hundreds all queueing up!! I thought there must be a celeb here so thought I must check it out!!!

I asked a security guard and found out that a pokemon shop had opened up 2 weeks ago and there were still queues to get in!!! REALLY???? All these people just queuing, not working, all waiting for the yellow thing!!!! All adults too!! Shopping center was empty, everyone was just queuing up……. another thing in life that I just didn’t get!!! They weren’t even giving away any free stuff !!!

OH OH OH…… and just when I thought I’d seen it all!!!! Check this out!!!

Come on folks….. get a drip…..!!!!

I dont even have the words to express an opinion on this one!!! The vitamin bottles are just too realistic!!! Visit westfield and have a needle drip after buying a pair of skinny jeans !!!! WTH……this crap is allowed in UK!!!

Anyway, I had my few hours of distraction. My brain cells consumed by some other random crap instead of my own!

Back to the real world!! I had the big CT scan on monday and I’m in the waiting zone. While I just huff and puff my way through the days waiting for these results, I need to keep my brain as occupied as possible. How do I do this?

A few things really, anything that makes you happy is good! A walk in the park, a detox bath, a little cooking, talking with friends, binge watching tv, mucking around with the kids, knitting and sleeping!!!

Loads of friends have messaged me offering support. I am ok, please do not worry. I haven’t crumbled yet or just I haven’t crumbled.

I actually physically feel well which is a big blessing so I am just being. Concentrating on that. Amongst others, my breast cancer campaign girls are keeping me entertained….. giving me virtual hugs on a daily basis. Each dealing with their own hurdles but making sure I am keeping it together. Angels they are x

Another treatment tomorrow, I will try and behave and give my nurses a week off!! Well let’s see what I can muster up!For anyone that didn’t see my antics, I basically went in on halloween and scared the crap out of two of my nurses and caught it in video!!! Was just too funny!!!

I will say it again…. my nurses truly are the best in the UK!!!

I can’t just go from Thursday to Thursday so need to have stuff going on inbetween. The grey weather doesnt help. Blue skies just lift the mood, doesn’t matter how cold it is.

So there we have it, my wait continues! I will probably save my freaking out for when I get my appointment. That day is a proper headbang day!

For now, let’s focus on the day right in front of us. Let’s focus on my family and friends. Let’s focus on painting my world a little bit further…….. hope you have all had a good Wednesday x

5 thoughts on “WELCOME GREENLAND!!!

  1. The person from Malawi is my mum. After I started reading your inspiring blogs, I told her and she has signed up too. You’ve given a very positive light to someone whose more on the negative side.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just amazing, how your so honest and deal with all that life throws at you… Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration and being honest throughout your journey..
    Sending love and virtual hugs x


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