Kuramathi Island Maldives

I’m just lying here, listening to the gentle rippling of the waves under the early morning sun. It is 7am and the island is still and calm…. most are asleep!

Crabs darting in and out, racing over the sand, light shades, hardly visible. I venture for a short walk along the beach, the water coming up every few seconds and washing over my bare feet. How lucky I am to be alive, to be here on this beautiful island I can only describe as paradise.

I barely want to close my eyes here, not wanting to miss a second of this unimaginable scenery, the kind you see in travel brochures and films and yet, I am just here right now, absorbing it all in.

The squeaking of a wheel barrow interupts the natural sounds of the water as the sand is swept of any leaves that may have fallen over night. The staff ensure that the sand is even more beautiful and golden than it already was before their guests awaken.

We are in a beautiful beach villa, right on this stunning beach. Each one camoflaged by tropical trees and spread far enough apart, you almost get yourself a private beach. We can venture out at any time of the day or night onto the cool sand, not needing to walk anywhere at all, no effort needed. We are just here!!

Kuramathi, I have heard it is one of the best or even the best island in the Maldives!! We booked this trip just 10 days before we flew and I can’t help but feel extremely lucky to have stumbled across this particular piece of paradise and landed right here! We have been here for a sweet 7 days and have enjoyed every second of it and I cannot fault an inch of this stunning setting.

The island, just 2km long, perimetered with the crystal clear turquoise ocean and clean golden sand, complete with its own divine sand bank. This island as eco friendly as can be……what is not to love? The sand, golden and so soft, it feels like you are walking on a fleece blanket.

The ocean, so blue….a beautiful, ever changing, flowing turquoise like you have never seen before.

The island is very natural and green, perfectly filled with exotic plants, trees and home to a 300 year old, infact the oldest Banyan tree in the Maldives!

Little electric buggies leisurely scooting back and forth carrying guests from one end to another, from cute little buggy stops. You can stand anywhere and your friendly driver will come and collect you with a smile and drop you off anywhere on the island or to your door. It feels like a fairy tale.

Kuramathi…..a beautiful resort for couples, for families…..for everyone! The thought that has gone into developing this Island can be clearly seen. There are water villas, beach villas, garden villas. You can have one with your own pool or jacuzzi but in my opinion, you don’t need one!

We stayed in a 2 bedroom beach villa, right on the beach, most of the time it feels like we are on our own private island. A 2 story villa with its own deck, own beach front. Each villa camoflaged with palm trees to keep the picture perfect coastline.

I just lie in bed listening to the gentle rippling of the waves and the cool breeze in the early morning, my simple and stunning view….. it feels like a dream! I don’t want to wake up!

There are 3 main restaurants, where guests are allocated. Each set of villas have their own, so as to not have to walk too far. None of the restsurants are crowded at all and service is impeccable. The food is exquisite, brought out it small quantities, freshly cooked and made with love! You will not be short on variety of what to eat.

You can eat in the restaurant with the cool breeze on all four sides, over looking the ocean. The usual, breakfast, lunch and dinner is served and optional high tea for those lazy days when you would rather float in the ocean instead of stopping for lunch.

You would think it is a small island but you can explore many bars, a pool, two infinity pools, a champagne loft, the eco center, Botanical walk! There are resident reef sharks, fruit bats, a few proud storks. Anyone who says, there is nothing to do and they would get bored in such an island…… my question….. how can anyone possibly ever get bored, I could just live here forever!

There is sophisticated music at the bars in the evenings, live music, Maldivian dancers and an array of cocktails and mocktails for you to work through!!

The beach villa, infact every tiniest detail on this island is finished to a very high standard. The decor, simple but elegant. Luxurious but in keeping with the theme of natural beauty. Each villa has inside and outside showers, a bath, fully fitted solid wardrobes and drawers, enough space to hide away your clothes, leaving the large space clean and tidy.

Guests are sparcely dotted around the numerous pools and beaches. No bar ever full. Enough seats, swings and loungers to lay on, day or evening. You do feel like you are on your own island and very well looked after.

Kuramathi, thank you for being our home for the last seven days. For creating such stunning memories for my children, for looking after us so well. I will miss loungers in the ocean, morning walks along the sand and beautiful sunsets completing each day!

I will be sure to visit again….until next time….. stay beautiful x

3 thoughts on “Kuramathi Island Maldives

  1. Sal, i felt as though i was there from your description. It looked absolute bliss for you and Gurveer and your lovely boys. What a wonderful experience! Well deserved by you all. X

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  2. Wow Sal, it looks like a movie
    A beautiful place, you deserve it a nice person like you and your family I am happy for you I know what you like, nature, nature …,,

    Liked by 1 person

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