Blog….. Third Quarter

As we approach…….actually I have overshot end of quater 3!! Started writing this in Slovenia, but then all the nonsence happened!! So a little after quarter three in the year, I am bringing you this update. I have to follow through, I can’t leave things part way through……My final one will be in Dec!!!

Some insights….for the year:

I just hit 100 blog posts in Slovenia….. good effort on my part I’d say to ‘entertain’ my followers. Like I say ….. its better than Eastenders!!!

I have been bringing you this blog for a year!! Who knew when I started…….would I carry on writing? Would anyone be interested in reading my story? A yesr later, would I still have a story to tell? Well I have had my fair share of drama so I am never short of content to be honest!!!

About 130 followers….. recently someone asked me if I had 130k followers, I was like….I’m not Madonna!! I am not bothered with quantity, its quality here. My intention is to reach the right people, help people on my journey and for my own purposes a release. My therapy!! But 130 followers across different parts of the globe is quite cool!

I have a few cholangio friends. Two are in hospital…. I am keeping them entertained as its hard anyway and then to be stuck in hospital to be in for so long.

I have another cc friend going to China for healing, that pushed me to just get up and go to Slovenia for 5 days. We support each other. That is what this is all about now. We pull each other through. I am connected with so many folk and we all are a virtual support network for each other.

So where has my blog reached. Well 66 contries so far!!!

Hey people, somebody somewhere must know someone in Greenland!!! Or Mongolia or Brazil….. pass it on!! I know we can fill this map together by the end of the year!!!

I have had over 16K visitors!! It is too much to write all the zeros so I have to use K instead because my blog is so captivating !!!!!!!

So here is where we have gone!!

Kyrgyzstan!!!!! Makes me chuckle!! It is really getting around!! I have to google places sometimes!

My blog though…….. it is powerful. Every so often, I have a new reason to keep going and at full force. I went to Slovenia to heal, to detox, to connect with nature, to give myself some tome to just be.

If you were following the story, my blog probably saved my life!

My medical team are following my blog! I really appreciate this.

It is a vital, vital tool, for me! They often read through the lines and pick up things that they will follow up in my next appointment or sooner if they feel it may be urgent.

So there it is folks, that is my deal, that is my blog. Feel free to share with friends across the globe or anyone you may think may benefit from a witty outlook on a rare and critical life situation that we call stage 4 cancer.

Its like recommending a new series on netflix or passing a good book to a friend!! Still waiting for it to reach Richard Branson and for him to invite me to Necker Island !!!!!

Until then, I will continue travelling as much as I can around the globe with Gurv and kiddies where I can!

With that said, I have slowly integrated myself back into work this week! Had 2 months off and it is just cold and annoying now.

Today was a tiny bit sunny so I managed a lap of the park !!!

Was very autumnal…. really, how can I be one with nature in this weather !! I could do with hibernating until march….. but treatment starts again tomorrow so I better plod on. I am really really really hoping and praying that with the correct dosage tomorrow, I will not get any side effects of my chemo tabs…… just 4 a day!

I am feeling well but if I go down again, I will really run out of steam quite quickly. It has been a tough year….. barely managed it. The last few months need to just go by with no drama.

PS If anyone wants to catch up, the phrases are, Hey Sal lets catch up or Lets go out for coffee, or Shall we meet for dinner …… what NOT to say is “I want to come and see you”.

I find this very annoying, You don’t need to see me! I am not a show. Oh let’s go see the cancer patient…… there is really nothing to see here!

Also, “How is your health?”. I am not going to explain this one…… neither will I answer it, I will totally ignore it or give you a really northern sarky answer! Really, how the $#@% do you think my health is? What do you want me to answer to this question!!! A simple how are you Sal is just good enough!!!

So yep!!! Otherwise I’m cool!! Might start jogging soon!!!!

7 thoughts on “Blog….. Third Quarter

  1. Absolutely love your blogs! πŸ’•πŸ’•Keep them coming 🀩Happy travels and happy blogging πŸ’–

    Always around the corner for a catch up
    Bhawna 😘😘

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