Road Trip!!!!

I returned from Veduna at 3am on Wednesday morning as my flight was a bit delayed!!

Gurv marched me to the hosp at 9am to get checked out. Bloods were taken and sent off as a priority so results were received within 4 hours. I haven’t seen the report myself but I have been informed that my bloods are ok.

A full investigation is being conducted in the hospital and the matter is being taken very seriously.

Regardless, my body has taken a battering so I decided to skip treatment this week/today and give myself a break.

I was actually feeling well, gaining an appetite, sleeping and eating. Feeling human again. More than I have done in a long time.

I woke up early today, dropped Suraj to his bus, Gurv to the station and Amar to school. I was really thrilled with myself. I rang my friend Bobbie and ventured to hers at 8am for a cup of tea!! We chatted away over a cuppa and I told her how just a few weeks ago I just about opened my eyes to say bye to the kids from my bed.

I returned home and had a load of paperwork to catch up on so did that and then made myself lunch.

Still thrilled with myself!! I’d done all my jobs, made food and eaten it. I decided to take a nap. Didn’t actually sleep but rested for a bit.

I had to pick up Suraj from an after school club and his school is in Barnet. I rang my sister Anita and said lets go on a road trip and she sais yes let’s!!! She offered to drive but I was being the big hero so decided I would drive since I felt ok!!

I haven’t driven in a few months so was pleased with my efforts today.

Anyway, we got there pretty much with no hassle!! Picked up Suraj from Chamber choir and then started to make our way back!!!!! He finished at 4.40pm!!!

I was running low on fuel but had enough to get me home. I didn’t want to deviate so got on the M25 and headed home. Bit of traffic so I checked my diesel. My 60 miles was now 15!!!!

The next services were in 17 miles, we started to get a bit sweaty!!! I stayed in the slow lane just incase I stopped and ran out completely!!!

Anyway, I don’t quite know how I did it but I was in Barnet one minute picking up singy songy Suraj from Chamber Choir and next minute I can see signs for the airport!! LUTON AIRPORT!!

My sister told me not to stop the car incase I couldn’t get it on again and goes you are fine, every car has a reserve!!!

Well, even if I had a reserve, I doubt it was gonna get me home!!! I kind of panicked, got off in a business park, panicked, went round the round about and ended up back on the motorway!!!!

At this point, I thought well, I’ve done it now so I just stopped on the side somewhere in Luton and decided to call for help!!!

Gurv was in an evening launch meeting!! I rang him 5 times!! Eventually picked up and I was like don’t ask me how or why but who are we covered with for roadside assistance and is this petrol or diesel. By now my brain has turned to mush!!!

I managed to call roadside assistance!!!

After asking if I am in a safe spot blah blah they asked me to get out of the car and stand on the side.

I was like no way!!! It was raining so I told them I had cancer and that I cannot stand out in the rain! The lovely lady said she would put me as a priority and get someone to me as soon as possible.

We were in good spirits!!! Suraj was quite annoyed with us!!

Anyway within 20 mins the guy shows up with a little teapot sized petrol can!!

He asked me to open the bonnet!! By this time I was like, “How do I do that now?” Opened my window and just went go for it!!!!

The man filled my car up and goes that will be Β£8. I looked at him like I’d just been slapped. Firstly I was like I don’t think I have Β£8 and second I am in frikkin Luton and you have brought me Β£8 worth of diesel.

By this time me and my sister are in hysterics and everything is hilarious.

Even Suraj started laughing and at one point we couldn’t breath cos laughing so hard!! We scrambled around the car and found Β£8

The guy then goes, I will follow you to the petrol station. I am like, Mate, I picked my boy up from, Barnet at 4.40pm

Its now 7pm and I am in Luton instead of Uxbridge and You want to follow me to the petrol station!!!

I said How about I follow you to the petrol station but he said he needs to be behind me!!

I sweated all the way to the petrol station

We got some sandwiches, it was 7.30pm!!!

My sister kept telling me she’d left home at 2.15pm to just do the school run. Was ever so funny!!!

All the traffic had died down, I had a full tank so I headed home!!!

The last time I picked Suraj up from school was 21st June!!!

I think I shouldn’t really do the Barnet run!!! I wasn’t as thrilled with myself by 8pm!!!! I tried!!!

15 thoughts on “Road Trip!!!!

  1. I think that just tops off your week – please take it easy and no more adventures for at least 3 days πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

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  2. Oh, it looks like you wanted to go back Slovenia pls pls don’t go without me. Any flight from Luton? I am checking


  3. Well, Someone forgot to mention that I, her brother-in-law, changed his day to work from home to………pickup Suraj that day, however the sisters decided to travel together, chatting away, singing away instead. So I had to go to Sal and Gurvir’s house straight after work to be with boys (Arjun and Amar) till they arrived back.
    Unsurprisingly, sisters were not very keen on giving their location and what had actually happened over the phone.
    I could not stop laughing…. still laughing πŸ˜† 🀣 πŸ˜‚

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