My Special Place in the World.

A few people had said before I left for this that they can’t wait to hear all about my trip…. well this is that blog and the next one is part 2 of that blog too!! Before I came, I felt like I wanted something to happen, spiritually or other. There was to be a story to be told about this trip…….. so boy do I now have that story !!! It is truly fascinating but I will have to piece it all together and really, I think it needs a whole blog of its own !!!

I love to travel, explore the world, discover new places, traditions and cultures. I love meeting with people and connecting on different levels.

Everything comes quicker to me nowadays, I feel so connected, with myself, with the universe.

Folk tell me often how they always visit the same place each year for holidays and I never ever understood this. I never knew why folk would visit the same place twice let alone every year. When there are so many places in the world to discover, so many cities to walk in, so much land to see and oceans to sail across why would you keep visiting a place that your eyes have already seen!

Well …… now I realise!! I seem to have found my place! Dear Ana asked me last night where my pearl was in the world….. I hesitated. I hesitated because it was Rome but right now, it wasn’t Rome any more, my head was screaming out….. it is here, right here. In Slovenia, it is Veduna. This is my place in the world!! This is the pearl, right here is the jewel!!


I was just here for my yoga retreat a few months ago and this beautiful place has been calling me since. I never visit a country twice and yet here I found myself back in Veduna within just a few months, feeling completely at home, feeling so happy and utterly content by just being here.

Veduna has an energy, a healing energy, you can feel it as soon as you arrive. I have found my little paradise in the world and I intend to visit again and again. I feel at peace, I feel at home, I feel nurtured. I want to walk barefoot around the retreat and bathe in the sun, rest beneath the stars and stretch and breathe in the fresh air right here.

I asked Ana, if she could share her beautiful place with me…..

My heart is bursting with gratitude, firstly for just being here and having discovered this beautiful place but second, that I was able to bring dear Selome here. Selome can feel Veduna in the same way I can, it is really something special. Selome wants to be right here too. Her pearl was Portugal! I asked her this morning, where her place was, it had also changed to Veduna!!!

I have come here to heal. There is power and energy here and there is power and energy within me. All I need to do is connect it all and believe in myself.

Another strong reason bringing me to Veduna was Ivana. Ivana is a reflexologist but I’d say Ivana was a healer. There was a very strong connection with her the last time we were here and after my session, we cried as Ivana spoke about what she had seen. I just needed to come back and be seen by her again.

Ivana came on Friday once we arrived and I had a lovely relaxing reflexology session. I had asked to see Ivana every other day while we were here so that is what is happening.

Ivana has told me that I have a very strong connection with nature and that is where I should be. Some of the things I can do to heal and connect is wear white clothing for purity and healing, walk barefoot on the ground and be close to the trees!

So today we walked to the sauna and back barefoot!! We ended up in the sauna and by the pool till it was getting dark!! On my way back close to the lodge, I STEPPED ON SOMETHING!!!!

It was squidgy and I was like right, I’ve stepped in Archie’s doings!!! However, when I looked down, I realise, I had stepped on FRIKKIN SLUG!!! WAS SOOOO GROSSSS!!!

So that was me….. really connecting with nature!!!! I was telling my boys all about it this evening and we questioned and pondered whether we would prefer to step on Archie’s poo or a slug …. I just couldn’t really come up with a definitive answer!!!!!

4 thoughts on “My Special Place in the World.

  1. You look bright eyed Sal lovely to see. Selome looks very “at home” there too.
    Not sure i would’ve been so calm treading on the squidgy stuff!! I’dve freaked out! Well done and enjoy the rest of your time. 😊😊

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