Veduna…..we have arrived!

Well you know I said I had a good strong day on Thursday after my herceptin, well I obviously spoke too soon as I was throwing up until 3am in the morning.

Gaviscon is vile and I dont know how on earth people drink it. It is so gungy…. probably made me even worse, I will never have it again.

I worried how I was going to make my flight in my state and if I would stop throwing up by the morning!! Also travelling with very little sleep concerned me a bit but you know what, I woke up on form in the morning and had a pleasant journey here!!!

Reaching Veduna, I feel like I have come home. I feel like the luckiest and most content person on the planet right now. To share this beautiful place with my dear friend Selome.

We intend to be totally and utterly relaxed by Tuesday, however just reaching here has made us feel like that already.

Ana and Chris own the farm and beautiful Veduna. Chris was kind enough to come and collect us from the airport. We had a lovely chat all the way home and were greeted by Ana on arrival. Ana gave me the biggest warmest hug and welcomed us with open arms.

I am just in love with this place and my heart just swelled as I jumped out of the car for my 5 days of healing!

Remember Ivana, reflexologist… she was there on arrival also and gave me a lovely hug! We had a cup of tea and some warming soup for dinner. Ivana came and we have both had a lovely reflexology session. Unpacked and ready for bed. This place is so special.

I could just live here……. except I can’t because I need to be in hospital every Thursday!!!

Last time I was here with 12 others, for our yoga retreat so I wondered how it would feel with just 2 of us. Well, it is just perfect. Peaceful and quiet, we have this beautiful lodge to ourselves for the next 5 days. To relax here, to heal, to be surrounded with nature.

I can get enough of it…… I will just be here poofing my cancer away every day till it has gone. All you need is the intention x


Selome has been an amazing friend to me. She turned up at 9.30am yesterday to drive us to the airport but before we left, filled my fridge with cooked food for Gurv and the boys for the weekend. Selome has a big heart and I am thrilled that I was able to bring her here to this little paradise in Slovenia so she too can take time out and relax from her busy schedule x

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