Herceptin No 3…… done!

Today an even stronger day. I am suddenly feeling human again. Woke up very early for an hour of prayer, followed by another hour of prayer while I lay on my biomat.

I will be away until tuesday so wanted to get as much in as possible before I go. I finally managed to walk. I only walked around my house this morning but this is more than I have done in months. I managed 2000 steps!! That is more than I was doing in a day!!!

I have not been out anywhere in ages so I got dressed up in sparkles today for the hospital!!!

Clothes are hanging a bit but I am working on putting some weight back on!!

Everyone commented on how I had made remarkable progress since last week. Ive lost my big belly and I am now on the way up!

We yabbered a lot today…. the last few weeks, I’ve just slept in the bed!! Today I sat up and knitted…… here is todays effort!!

I am now knitting for charity and it is a really good therapy for my brain!! Will have a few scarves ready for the winter!!!

I only have a carry on for Slovenia so will have idle hands for 5 days!!! Incase i try to stab anyone with my sharp needles.

I actually came home and took Amar to the wool shop as he wants me to knit him a fluffy blanket!! I got carried away and spent £50 on wool 😱!!!

Came home and received a nice bill of Β£500 for “high cost drugs”!!! That us Β£500 every 3 weeks!!! So guess who is going back to work next week. Moi!! I may get away with paying just half of it but will see! Expensive business this cancer lark!

My scarf selling is going to have to be 50% AMMF, 50% Herceptin !!!

Still working on grovelling to the pharma company. There was a slight delay but hopefully this will come through by next cycle. Surely a pharma company would not deny a cancer patient vital drugs……surely!

Anyway …. came home snd did a little tidy up in the garden and finally planted my planter that I bought a few months ago. Some of you may recognise it.

Thats my day so far!! I’ve packed and away early tomorrow so my next blog will come from Slovenia!!

Now that I am feeling much stronger I know that I will enjoy it so much more and cannot wait to just lay around and heal myself for 5 days!!!

I’ve just hit 12500 steps today wooo hoooo!!! Slovenia is now going to be epic cos I can skip to the sauna every day instead of dragging myself across!!

Funny Sal is back!!!

11 thoughts on “Herceptin No 3…… done!

  1. So pleased you are feeling more like you.. you’re gonna have an amazing time in Slovenia…. don’t forget to stash some goodies before they frisk you! What you on about you’ve always been β€˜funny Sal’ to me!

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  2. Great to hear you are on the up Sal. Think i would try and pack the knitting. Does Slovenia know what they are letting themselves in for πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Enjoy xx

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  3. Hi Sal. You sound amazing. Made me smile reading you are knitting and truly believe it is great therapy. I thought you could take bamboo needles on planes – check it out.
    Much love Foxy πŸ’•πŸ’•

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