Stronger Sal!

I’ve had so many people check up on me this week. It has been a rough few weeks but I am pleased to report that Sal is feeling a lot stronger day by day!

Making progress in small steps. Some people take things for granted and don’t realise how cancer can affect the body. Yesterday, I was able to fill the dishwasher, put a wash load on and iron shirts for my 3 troopers!!! Everyone has a clean ironed shirt for the rest of the week thanks to moi!!!

Just being mum and doing my role is just enough for me right now and just joyful!!! For the second day running, I have done the school run! First time since school started. Today, I did morning and afternoon so I am back in my car!!

I had jelly legs for so long so was afraid to drive and be on the road with others and those idiots who are so in a hurry to get to their grave, you know the ones that drive like fools, beeping as they go. I just didnt trust myself in all that malarky so stopped driving for ages. Here I am at pick up…. being a mummy!! Very pleased with myself today!!!

I’m now back behind the wheel which eases a few jobs from Gurveer. Small steps but massive progress. I can only build my strength back up from here.

I always wanted skinny legs….. now I have skinny legs and I want my chunkers back! They carried me. Skinny legs just dont do the job for me!

I am managing a good breakfast and lunch now but dinner is still a struggle. I am probably the lightest I’ve ever been for years but I don’t look unwell. Or so people keep telling me!

I could walk around with crappy hair or a bald head but I choose not too. I could walk around looking like a wilted cancer patient but I choose purple eyeliner and a bit of concealer to do the trick!! I’m done with being the patient….

I am Sal before anything!

So with all the trauma of the last few weeks, I am taking myself back to beautiful Veduna in Slovenia. The place has been calling me since I left and I just needed to get back there.


I just got up one day and rang Ana who runs the retreat. She told me that there was nothing on but she will open up the place for me and asked me to come so she can look after me and ‘fill every cell in your body with love’. I had tears in my eyes. Ana said that this was exactly what Veduna was all about. She was happy to have me by myself but I didn’t want to travel alone in my state so my dear friend Selome will be coming with me. We will both sit and breathe and take a few days to recalibrate in Slovenia in this beautiful location.

Selome has been feeding us over the last few weeks. Today my friend Leena brought us dinner.

Sometimes you just have to stop and be grateful for all the love and support of friends around us. Everyone knows when we are having a tough time mainly via my blog and just rally around to help us through the bad weeks. I am eternally grateful for those helping us. This time will surely pass quickly.

I can feel it. I am going to Slovenia to see some healers. It is my intention to poof my daft cancer away and come back well!! I cant explain all this without really going into one so I will save it for another blog!!

Tomorrow is week 3 of herceptin. At 8 weeks we will scan so its just sit tight for the next 6 weeks to see what is going on but I won’t just sit tight, I will be poofing my cancer from every angle I can. Reflexology, detox baths, chemo tabs, infa red biomat…..all of it and more.

I am literally doing everything I can to stay alive and yet there is a new stabbing on the news every single day. I just don’t get it. Particularly annoyed with the stabbing of a 20 yr old man at Hillingdon yesterday. Now on top of everything else I am stressed and worried about Gurv using the tube every day and Suraj as his coach comes there daily and he walks back. No-one is safe anywhere….

Spent the pick up time today texting every minute till everyone came home. While the 2 murderers just ran off into thin air in Hillingdon.

Anyway…. I need to get on. Look after myself and my family and friends. I intend to start walking in Slovenia to get some muscle tone back in my legs. I should be fit as a fiddle in no time!!!

Anyone who has asked me to dinner or meet up…. I am not too great in the evenings ….. its not happening at the moment so maybe leave it a few weeks….. you will know when I am better!! Truly!! I will be shouting it from the roof tops!!

PS I finished my scarf in 3 days, well its a muff…. or whatever you call it. You’d pay at least 20 quid for this in the shops!!! So I might now start knitting for charity!!! I will use my time wisely!!! I was going to give it to a close friend but I like it too much so this first one is mine!!! I am really pleased with it x

6 thoughts on “Stronger…..

  1. Well done Sal. Love the scarf. Quite ironic as when Will’s dear Dad left us, i knitted loads of scarves. It was therapeutic for me and raised money for cancer research in the bargain! Keep up the good work and hope Slovenia is good to you. xx


  2. I first found out about your blogs through Facebook and your incidence at Heathrow airport. I then signed up to your blog posts and I honestly really enjoy reading them. You are truly an inspiration to anyone who reads your posts. I don’t know you in person but I will never forget your strength, courage and will power. You make anyone who knows you or reads your posts very grateful for what they have and makes one realise that you must never give up no matter how hard things can get. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words and thank you for reaching out. I love connecting with people and hearing from followers. I have had many of the same comments and it keeps me going in the most unluckiest of situations. Everyone seems to use the same words about ‘enjoying’ my blog!! I tell folk to follow and read as it us better than Eastenders!!! In the dead of the night…. I always have someone to talk to to get through a few hrs!!! Even if it is just a blog!! Nice to meet you Aarti, feel free to share with anyone who you may think will benefit from reading my story x


  3. Glad to hear you are stronger today Sal. Keep it going! I would request a scarf but I will melt away in the heat over here if I wear that!! 😦

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