Week 2 – Herceptin

Did I sleep last night….. no I didn’t!! I’m not sure but think I got second wind in the night! Got excited about my little knitting project and my head calmed down a bit but then I wanted to be awake and in the moment. A happy place. My mind a bit more calmer.

I felt like I could manage without my extra sleep and felt a bit more like an adult!!!

Woke up a bit groggy but absolutely famished….. managed a slice of brioche toast just as I was running out the door for my week 2 of Herceptin.

Got to hosp and I was put in room 18. It was all facing the wrong way and the bed not looking out of the window so I stood outside and then told lovely nurse Eileen that the room was messing with my inner chi!!! Eileen rolled her eyes and looked at me and said….. Are you joking with me!! I said no, I need to be in a different room.

Imagine if I was in a normal hospital…. and said that!! They’d probably tell me where to go and where to stick my inner chi !!! Anyway settled into the room next door, all facing the right way!!

Today a better day. I was in last Thursday and was in a very sorry state, this week a much improved Sal and most of the staff came and commented and had a little chat……. smiles back out for today!!!

Took my knitting with me……. now everyone wants a chunky scarf!!! Will keep me busy!!!

I am eating now. Whatever I had has cleared up. I have space in my stomach!!! Or the steroids have kicked in. I had 2 toasts, a breakfast bar, tea, 1 litre fluids, fruit, soup, pasta and apple crumble and some crisps!!!

Thank goodness I can eat food again. It is a mental stimulation too. If you cant even eat, it can get you down.

So with all the events of last week, we thought I may have had an enlarged liver or disease progression which is what threw me over the edge. I think it was something else and after loosing half my health last week, I am back on track. I had a complete mental block and got scared for my life.

I continue on and we scan in a few weeks time. Im also starting on chemo tabs!!! When i was brought the tabs, I just shook the bottle and was like oh dear, these are big tabs for me!!!

I need to plod on……. I’ve got my game face on. I’m gonna get this bastard if its the last thing I do!

Meet my breakfast and dinner for the next few weeks or months.

This is lapatanib….. chemotherapy tabs. It comes with side effects but I’m ready now. Treatment is in next phase and I need to plod on with it.

Appetite going to go out the window again with these horse pills but I am working off a little chart on my wall.

Well a massive chart it is of all my tabs…. I can’t keep up but I will!!

Suns out, Sal is ok….. working on some serious tension in my back but getting there…….. nothing the biomat and hot bath and maybe a bit of morphine can’t fix…… ever the frikkin optimist!!!!

Thank you to my beautiful friends and family for supporting me through ……. love to you all……stay happy, hug tighter, enjoy nature.

10 thoughts on “Week 2 – Herceptin

  1. So so glad that you are back on track… hope the side effects are not too difficult to handle . Love your knitting… I can’t knit at all!

    All this will pass soon. Stay strong as always x

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  2. Amazing to have the old Sal back! … well not that old… you know what I mean 🀣

    If you’re looking for a knitting project. There are lots of homeless charities that are looking for knitters to make some hats and scarfs for them to give out in the winter.

    Can’t wait till we can meet up x

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  3. Sooooooo glad you’ve got food and regained appetite. Keep on the up hunni and knitting therapy. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜ Tons of Love, Hugs & positive vibes coming right at ya from me & extra from your boyfriend Adam xxx 😍😍😍😍

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