Herceptin or Prizegiving Day!

Today I started my next line of treatment. Got my herceptin and very timely as I don’t think we can delay treatment any further.

Herceptin is a targeted monoclonal antibody. It attacks cancer cells that have a HER2 receptor and leaves other cells alone. My cancer cells showed positive for HER2 so everything crossed for this next phase of treatment. Needs to obliterate these nasty cells quick time.

Herceptin is more commonly used in Breast Cancer and Stomach cancer but not used in cholangio. Therefore a special protocol was put together for my case. Usually given every 3 weeks, I will be having it weekly through my port rather than an injection in my thigh!

One cycle is 3 weeks so bloods taken every 3 weeks and a heart scan every 3 months! Today was a loading dose, this is double the amount of a normal dose so I was in for the entire day today! I had to be monitored for 4 hours after incase of any major reactions after first dose.

Of course I smashed it today…. infusions started and I just slept and slept as I was a bit weary from previous days.

Didnt care about needles and drips, I needed to catch up and the bed was comfy with sun beaming in!!

I woke up and lunch arrived!! Lovely Paula made me a special meal with love.

I slept some more, had more meds and steroids and fluids and then the troops arrived from school! Today was my sister Anita’s turn to sit by my side and watch me sleep!! Less chatting today but was all good!!!

Amar is also becoming part of the furniture now! We played with the bed to see how high it actally went!!!!

Came home and crashed on the sofa for another hour!!!

Then it was Amars prize giving!! I managed to get up, put some baggy clothes on and attend the evening. A quieter me but managed to see folk and sit in a chair for 2 hrs. Had all my meds with me so I was comfortable.

Amar got 2 trophies presented by Josh Valman who you may remember from Robot Wars. An ex St Helens pupil, now CEO of RPD International! Very inspiring for the children to hear of his journey through St Helens and to his achievements to date.

Oh yes, before I finish! How are we paying for Herceptin which I think is around £1000-£1500 per cycle/3weeks. I’ll find out when the bill lands on my doorstep!!!

Well my insurance have picked up 60%. I pick up the remaining 40% but looks like my hospital is looking after 50% of my share!!! So I wont have to run back to work just yet!!

I have also sent a letter to the pharma company directly to allow me to have the med on compassionate grounds and awaiting an answer on that currently. Will keep you posted but I expect a positive from that really!!!

Onwards…… lets smash this tumor to bits and get rid once and for all ! I need to have a bit of fun again. Last week or so have been harsh !!

2 thoughts on “Herceptin or Prizegiving Day!

  1. You are a superstar Sal raising a family of superstars⭐️
    Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 for your letter, how could they possibly refuse!
    Lots of love 💖 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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