Multitasking but Stable !!!

Organising a charity event for me doesn’t require too much power! Most of the work is done over the phone. Just takes effort to keep sending reminders, creating a buzz, building the momentum! Getting folk there but I am pleased with all the support and it should be an epic day!! I just need to find where I left my muscles!! They are probably packed in one of my bags somewhere after my bit of travelling here and there!

So my sheer lack of sleep and stress this week reached a peak again!! CT scan results were due!

I am pleased to report, my CT scan results were good. No further spread that is of too much concern and the word ‘stable’ was used! I am happy with that! When I walk into that hospital to see my oncologist, really, you just don’t know what you could hear.

I am having some belly bloating and heaviness in the stomach which was bothering me a lot and interrupting my sleep. However, nothing showed up on my scan and Dr W is not worried! Could be when I fell off the wagon in Paris and had a crepe!!! Or this week at 30 degrees C, I sucummbed to an icecream with a flake!!! Was worth every lick !!! I have almost cut sugar out completely so when I do have it, my body gets all in a tizz and doesn’t know what to do!!! Also, I have been on the steroids so who knows!!!

So, quietly pleased. Bloods have been taken just to check everything is still ok underneath it all. This all happened yesterday! Came home, relayed the info to the kids, “Good appointment guys” and we all did a high five!!! Then we all popped out to my dear friend Manu’s to shake it all off!!! Had a lovely and normal evening.

Next line of treatment is all being set up for as soon as. I will be taking weekly injections of herceptin but my cancer cells are expressing the HER2 protein so a little more targeted to the nasty cells leaving my beautiful cells alone. More needles…. what joy but hey, I can do it. I’ve come this far.

I will have a baseline heart scan next week as this drug affects the heart…. of course it does!!! This means close monitoring of my ticker throughout treatment but it is maneagable. If my heart gets all bent out of shape, I believe we just take a herceptin break until it recovers.

A lot of questions and what if’s but I am good to go and we will cross any broken bridges if and when we need to. Main thing is to get started now and get this beast out of me. I haven’t had any treatment since end of may so that was a big worry for a start. Saying that, I can say, I really haven’t recovered from the chemo either….. it was harsh!

I am looking forward to my charity event on sunday!! Really pleased that I will get to see all my friends and everyone supporting me along the way. When you really need it, everyone just comes shining through and that is just a massive hug in itself.

I feel a big yabber fest coming on sunday and maybe a bit of walking for me. Those who know me, know I would have bloody walked every minute of those 12 hrs on another day but tomorrow, my 3 soldiers will be doing some of my walking on my behalf! I won’t push it! We are walking on flat ground so we should be ok for a bit !!!

No pictures here, but we will take about a thousand tomorrow!!!!! See most of you then!!!

OK, OK…… one picture….

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Selomi with a massive heart and a big smile, and as good cooking skills as me!! Love you a million x

2 thoughts on “Multitasking but Stable !!!

  1. Hurrah! Love love love this 😍 Sal you have made my weekend you strong cookie you. Welcome to the stable club πŸ˜‰ I know we will always want more but a scan of β€œno concerning spread”, β€œstable” is so delightful to hear πŸ’— The Herceptin injection (if you’ve not had it before), is usually quick n easy is the thigh or tummy, and the regular heart scans that come with it are a lot of fun in comparison to the polo scanners! Forgive me if you already have experience of this. It’s a bit of cold jelly on your skin and a look and listen to your heart. I always thinks it sounds like an alien πŸ‘½ but then that’s because I’ve never been for a baby scan 🀣 Fab news my Friend, congratulations xxx

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  2. Yes, long may it continue! Cautiously happy with this at this point. Haven’t heard too much about herceptin or echo but know loads who have had it, including my mum who had heart trouble and had to stop it πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„!!! Thank you for the assurance, always good to hear it from a patient rather than a leaflet πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
    Love you loads Sam & Jase x

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