Travelling and Blogging…..

I love meeting people and chatting to folk from different countries and walks of life! It is one of my favourite things to do!! I love talking, I love listening and I do have a real zest for life. Its a big shame that my zest is being quoshed again and again but I will strive to just continue doing the things I love and helping people along the way through whatever comes my way.

I have decided that I just want to travel, see a bit more of the world as much as I can but I do want to explore it with my boys! I want to experience it with them and enjoy watching them learning and growing. They are brilliant travellers and keep me entertained non stop!!

Amar is very much like my dad was, brilliant to travel with, ever ready with a wise crack!! Gatwick airport, riding the travelator….. “Everyone get on this effortless thing”!!

Suraj, taking on a more responsible role, looking after Amar and making sure everyone gets from A to B with all their belongings.

My 3 heroes managing all the luggage between them because mum has no muscles left!!

I believe you can give kids the best education through exploring the world!

So blogging, I have had people find my story here, through my blog and also through my IG!!! Which is the cool way to say Insta!!! My handle name, @HardKaur. I’m the cool mum with an insta story!! My boys cringe when I try to use the lingo!

Actually, something funny…. I dunno what has been shared where or what in particular has triggered this but I have had about 8 young males this week alone trying to message me!! Any normal person getting in touch starts with I found your story blah blah…. These lot are all versions of Hey Mam, or Hey Beauty……. like seriously….. do you think I have time to flirt with you randoms on top of everything else that is going on!!!! It makes me chuckle before I deny and delete !!

Anyway, about a month ago, someone genuine contacted me from India. Told me of their story and asked me for some information. A relative had been diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma and doctors had told them there was no treatment that they could have and they were denied chemotherapy and denied surgery. I felt the despair for them. Like they were being cheated out of life. Everyone should have the same access to the treatment they need.

We started chatting and I shared my blog and everything I knew so far…..CC is not something you can mess with, you need to have a specialised team on board as soon as possible. The biggest help and support you can have is by connecting with other patients and learn from each others experience.

I shared as much as I could with my new friend and checked in every few days. Last night I received this message.

My heart just leapt when I read this message. I had to share. It had sounded at the start that the docs had already given up. Now this patient had a chance. I may have given someone a chance, given them some more time…… for that reason alone, I will not stop sharing my story and raising awareness for this and any other cancer.

Someone asked me this weekend, if I fast forward 10 years, what would I like to look back on and see….. I replied simply, that through the worst time of my life, I was able to stay positive and use my cancer journey to help others. I teach my boys everyday about helping others even in the smallest way possible. Just having a chat with someone can brighten up their day.

I am truly grateful and blessed that I have so many friends who genuinly care about us. Constantly messaging, calling, visiting. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not thankful for everything I have. I am able to travel with the boys. I feel well enough now to enjoy it too. About 6 months ago, someone asked me if I was still working, well folk ask me this all the time. I don’t think I should be working but I thought to myself….. while I am on this planet, I will make damn bloody sure that I give my boys the best life I can and make fabulous memories with them.

I will work when I can and I will keep travelling when I can. Despite the fact that I can’t get any travel insurance ever and despite having to provide fit to fly forms from my oncologist for most airlines, I will just keep going. Our holidays can never be booked in advance so now we are booking just days before wanting to travel and apart from the frikkin price of booking stuff so last minute, it seems to be working!!

With that said, and with the pictures above, we have arrived in Gozo!!! The Cheemas need a complete rest before treatment starts again. I have figured out the best time to travel is when my oncologist is travelling!!! So we are here for a few days before my next round of appointments!!

We don’t know what lies ahead in terms of treatment but we do know that we have today and we will live for today!!

We arrived in Gozo and whilst travelling, I only missed 2 messages.

First was from my GP wanting to ask about my new medication that was prescribed. I may need to play around with the dosage as sleep didn’t work properly for the last two days but I know it is a dose issue and I will work on it.

Second was a message from my medical insurance company just to let me know that although I may be able to have a drug called Herceptin, they may not be able to cover the cost as it is licenced for Breast Cancer and Stomach cancer but not Bile Duct. I can write a whole blog about the farce of it all but I have been in clinical research for over 20 years. If I need this drug, someone needs to give it to me…… this is probably adding to my sleeplessness today but hey, I’m using my time well by writing!! Travelling and blogging!!!

Probably should get my weary self back to work and stop making precious memories with my kids so I can afford the next line of treatment should I need it !!! I will keep you all posted on that headline as it happens but until then, it is time to sit back, relax and not have any needles near me for the duration !!!

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