12 Hour Walking Relay

Gurv was just glaring at me as he heard what I was planning!! Seriously Sal, you get a bit of strength and try to move mountains!!!

Yep, thats me!! This was not a spur of the moment decision, I have been thinking about it for months but I needed to be stronger.

What am I doing…. well, I won’t be actually walking for 12 hours but someone will!! The plan is that between Gurv, Suraj, Amar and I we will cover the 12 hours. I hope to bring the community together and walk with my friends and family and raise vital funds for the AMMF charity.

There is only 1 charity in the whole of the UK for Bile Duct Cancer. It is supposed to be a rare cancer but I don’t believe it is. Rare cancers have an incidence of 6 cases in every 100,000. I don’t know 100,000 people but in Amar’s school year alone, there are 4 cases that I know of. Myself, another mum, a grandad and a grandma. If we use this as an example that would be 4 cases out of say 400 people. That is then not a rare cancer. We need more research and fast. I need more options, I need this research to happen in my lifetime. I owe it to my boys to do all I can to keep going….I have cancer for the second time, why would I get it again if I was just to sit in a corner and hide?

Everything happens for a reason, some things we will never understand why. I need to use this experience and change my little world to make a difference in someone elses. Most of you may have received details of the event already but for those that havent, please do come along and please bring family and friends. All money raised will go directly to AMMF!

My friend Jazz, who most of you will remember from our 40th birthday !!! Yes that Jazz…. has been printing out these fabby tshirts which I designed one sleepless night!!

Gurveer is in mens XXL, Suraj in Large and Amar in Small. I am in Ladies Small.

Tshirts are £10. I will have a load on the day in various sizes but if you would definately like one, please drop me a message with size and colour etc and you can collect it at the track on 1st! Orders need to be with me by this Sunday 25th August at the latest to get them printed in time.

Cholangiocarcinoma in the UK is purple. For information, in the USA it is green!! I have also come up with a silver cancer ribbon too for all rare cancers. Plus, I like sparkly stuff!!! The idea is to set up a charity but I am trying to walk before I can run!!!

I also have tote bags for £8 or two bags for £15 cos you will probably need one of each colour!!!

I have in the meantime set up a just giving page for anyone not willing to fly into Uxbridge on the 1st September but would still like to support the cause!!


Right now, I feel strong, I pray everyday that soon, we can put this behind us and enjoy life the way it should be enjoyed.

I have people praying for me in a few corners of the world and for that I am grateful.

I also have nuns praying for me in Poland. That just doesnt happen by itself.

Grateful for every passing day.

Thankful for every cheerful moment.

Blessed with friends all over the globe.

When I can’t, I won’t but when I can, I bloody well WILL !

Please join me if you can x

Just explored Citadel Victoria after having dinner at the Azure window restaurant overlooking the inland sea !! For an island of 4 miles by 7 miles there is a lot to see here!!! But if you never get to Gozo, I’ll do my best to show you around !!!

9 thoughts on “12 Hour Walking Relay

  1. Sorry I can’t be there with you, but thinking outside the box… do I have to be there? Could people register and walk wherever they are and link in over social media, (could use map my walk app and post) that way you reach more people from all over the world just like your blog! Just a thought 🤔


  2. Hey Sal, I’ll be flying back from Turkey that day. Will send you over my strength and power, all the best. Enjoy Malta, will see you on my return 🏃‍♀️👍♥️

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  3. Hi Sal I work for Regeneron now and we have an office in Uxbridge. I will not be there but I am hoping that I can get a colleague there. Are you in Uxbridge? They can get T-shirts for me.

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    1. Hi Teresa, Yes we are in Uxbridge…. I will be thrilled if your collegue can join us on the 1st, what a small world. If not I am happy to drop it off to the office! Thank you x


  4. I’m sorry that we can’t make it on Sunday but I will walk in Chester to show my support and post you a video. You are achieving amazing things Sal. Since my body has been going through treatment, I often find it hard to focus on one thing, can’t multitask anymore! So what you are achieving whilst dealing with poop that cancer throws your way is astonishing, admirable, amazing, and we’ll help in any way we can xxxx


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