Find me in Paris!

Paris has been good to us!! We got very lucky with the weather, a lot warmer than expected!

Gurv had brought me to Paris for my 40th birthday, that was two years ago… we had dinner in the Eiffel Tower!! Was great…. stunning views at night! Our aim at that point was to walk and walk, walk everywhere!!! We did all the sights, the parks and river Seine by walking and metro!!

This trip…. quite different, but with 6 of us to manouvre around and with a bit slower me, we have managed to cover most of it in 2 days on a hop on hop off tour bus and boat!!! Taking ubers between places to save some of my energy!!

Day 1 was perfect !! We hopped on the bus and boat a few times!! Paris is so intricate!! Every window has an ornate balcony….. every single one. It is a very beautiful city! We had breakfast in a gorgeous cafe and crepes at 10pm!!

Only interrupted once at lunchtime by the hospital asking me to come for a CT scan on monday! FFS …. I have a little palpatation every time I have a private number call flashes up on my phone!

Day 2 was sunny and hot! We visited the Jardin de Luxembourg and just got completely lost in the colours and scents of the gorgeous flower beds!! We just sat in the sun and absorbed it all! Kids were really enjoying exploring the city and I was enjoying them!!! We spent most of the day saying everything in a french accent and just pissed ourselves laughing all day over it as obviously we had to go overboard with everything !!!!


t was also Eiffel Tower day!! I definately could not climb at all so I sent the troops off and I sat at the bottom in the garden under the tower infront of a waterfall, getting my nature fix! Was merrily enjoying myself, working my way through the snack bag and taking loads of selfies and boomerangs, soaking it all in….. ! Then all of a sudden, had a terrible, terrible, excruciating pain in my belly.

I could not stand or walk or move, so I slumped over and fell asleep on the bench, in the garden, under the Eiffel Tower!!!! It was around 7.30pm and that was me done for the evening. Took an hour or so for the rest of the Cheemas to get back down to me. I thought of getting a cab back to the hotel but couldn’t coordinate it further than that. I took tabs and just sat like a statue, not daring to move an inch so not to be in any further pain. Was ok….. we ubered back to the hotel and I had a soak in the bath whilst the boys went and grabbed pizzas which we just had in our room! I just needed to sleep it off.

Day 3!! Breakfast, crepes and SHOPPING!!!! Our trip was completed nicely with some girly shopping time!!

On Monday of this week, so just 3 days ago, the fam went shopping and lunch to Westfield….. I had stayed behind and slept all day as I did not have the strength!! So, here I am in Paris, 3 days later with energy for shopping!! This was the first time, I just forgot for moments here and there!! I was just there, in Paris, trying clothes on with my sister in law and getting all excited over it!!! Sometimes, I do normal stuff and it hits me…… is all this really going on??? Is this my life for real??? I dont get past those two questions….. swifly move on!

We have really packed a lot in!! LA Cheemas leave tomorrow morning, I will be sad to see them go, it has gone by too fast but we have had the best time and considering how I was when they arrived, I think I have done rather well!!! I have gone from no strength to strength! We did, Sightseeing in London, Pancakes in Hampstead, Dosas in Wembley, The Royal Standard in Beaconsfield, a Wedding Reception, reiki appointment, blood tests, the oncologist appointment and 3 days in Paris!!!

I really can’t complain can I !! So many of you have messaged me after my last rubbish blog…… I feel the love and strength coming through…. it honestly is keeping me going! If I can’t get a break from it then I drag everyone with me !!!

Au revoir Paris!! C‘รฉtait incroyable !!!

4 thoughts on “Find me in Paris!

  1. Looks like you had an awesome time!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Keep making memories and f*** cancer! You are strong, you have an amazing family and you will keep fighting this!
    Praying for you!
    Love, Ero

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