I am a trooper…..

But I am broken and bloody knackered outta my brain cells. Every cell in my body is being tested right now….. I just want to lie in the corner on the floor somewhere and rest it all out…… but that is not me now…. is it!! Also the best way to deal with fatigue is exercise! I am trying…. I really am!

Here is the gash in my neck…. I thought it would be a lot smaller but about 2.5 inches worth of lymph node removal.

I have been sneezing like a beast for a few days, about 12 times a day!! Like seriously…… come on !!! The wound opens and a small dinosaur with its shiny sharp gnashers pops out, winds its long neck, lets out a loud roar and with a big gloopy suction noise pops back in and the wound closes……. is how it feels when I sneeze!

So, my dear sister in law and nephew arrived from sunny LA on Wednesday!!! We had made a few plans and kids hols etc, me in a desperate situation, knackered beyond belief…… I’ve started taking steroids !!! I won’t dwell on it!! I’m barely eating and don’t want to loose weight too so they should help with my appetite too !! Sensible me !!

My first mistake was to go on a road trip to gatwick to collect them. I was like, I will stay and rest at home….. I will, I will, I will…. nope I’m coming!!

Was ok but I struggled to keep my heavy head upright on my torn neck!! Regardless, we did the trip, came home, made tea, went to the park, made dinner together and then had a terrible night sleep or not sleep rather!!

Yesterday, we had made plans to go into Central London! I was like, I will stay home and rest, I will, I will, I will…. no I am coming!! We drove in, I went and did my oxygen therapy while the troops did some of the sights, then we met up after, so I didn’t do too much walking and got ubers between stations as I really cannot walk very far at all, I struggle a lot still. Tubes and stairs….. forget it…. not happening!!

It was a lovely day! Short and tiring but nice to just be out of the house….sort of!

In between all this, I have been getting and dealing with calls from the hospital…. things are moving along quicker than expected so should get some follow up sooner rather than later.

So far so good, I am so connected with my sister in law. Also vegetarian, also doesn’t drink, also follows holistic healing therapies and has been practicing on me!! I feel supported in more ways than one!

We may be in different continents and don’t get time to talk as much due to the 8hr time difference but both of us have faced some serious struggles in life and live strong through it. However, we share the same shoe size, dress size, jewellery blah blah!!! That is the best thing, we can share everything!!! Its special x

We do really enjoy each others company. So far I have had tea made for me, dinner made, a foot and leg massage, some meditation time together and a redress on my neck!

Some relatives are a pain in the ass right!!! But not mine! My sis in law is like another right arm for me x

Blessed and grateful…. awesome chick right here x

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