X marks the spot!

It was over 2 weeks ago that I had my bloods done at Hammersmith. I have been waiting for a call for those results and also to have a biopsy done too where I have some swollen lymph glands.

Waiting waiting waiting so Monday, I was like a bulldog on the phone, to the Clinical Trial coordinator, my consultant’s secretary and my specialist nurse…. I needed to move things along…. and I did! I know it is summer hols and folk are away etc but I want to nip the next phase in the bud as fast as possible so I may be able to get my toes in some sand somewhere…. even if it is in the UK!

Today I managed to get an appointment to see a consultant in Harley Street ! He was soooo lovely. First question was how old are you? Then he apologised that this was happening. Such a lovely guy, truly…. it is not his fault! Said he could do my biopsy next Tuesday. I screwed my face up at him so he said he could fit me in tomorrow but he/we would need to confirm a few things.

This was all happening at 3pm and it all needed to be confirmed by 5pm, before which I needed to have an ultrasound to check where we will do the lymph node removal from. The consultant needed to get hold if my oncologist to know if the procedure could be done in Harley Street instead of Charing Cross and where the time sensitive sample needed to get to once the procedure was done. I had my insurance company on the phone telling me that Harley Street was not on my hospital list so they couldn’t cover the full cost of the procedure.

So do I wait a week to have this done or do I just go ahead and pay for it and save a week of further mental torture. The secretary in front of me ringing the surgeon team, anaesthetist team, ultrasound team blah blah trying to cost it all out for me.

Everything was happening so fast and quick decisions had to be made. The ultrasound guy was being tracked down to see if he was available then and there to go ahead. It was down the road in the hospital on Harley Street!

Anyway, I went there….

had my ultrasound!

X marks the spot!

My port scar is getting a few friends tomorrow!!

Harley Street is like the Harrod’s of hospitals and clinics. I kinda just pushed it all through mainly cos I want to keep it all moving but also cos I was so nosey to see what was behind all these posh clinics in London. It is a whole other world going on! Well, I am like a bee around all these hospitals, I deserve to have a go of Harley Street too!!!

My hyperbaric oxygen clinic has also moved to Harley Street and I haven’t managed to get there for a while so since I was there, I went and did that too…..

Anyone got a headache yet!!!

After my oxygen, I felt a bit better! Grabbed a coffee and I am safely tucked up in my nice cosy bed. Kids are safely tucked up at my sisters.

I’m still ok!! You will know when I’m not!! Throat therapy done!!

This is me bringing it to you live and direct! Keepin it real!

Peace x

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