Coping Mechanisms

Friends who are therapists, in a professional capacity do mention different strategies for coping, for overcoming, for living well through all adversities.

A few things stand out and there will be a reoccuring theme.

Well actually one thing some folk keep saying is “Stay Positive” !!! I know I am not all singing, all dancing but seriously guys….. someone, anyone tell me…. does anyone have a friend who is more positive than me….. ? I think I get the trophy for that one!

I have been told to release stress and worries, anything in my heart, not to hold anything in. Once it is released, a part of it is dealt with. I am not sure if I actually don’t worry or bury my feelings or just not deal with them. Don’t borrow tomorrows sorrow and don’t cry over what is not in your control etc etc….. I believe someone called it “Throat therapy”!!!! Made me giggle but I am doing that through my blog.

So another coping method is looking forward. A few folk have told me to look forward. I categorically could not look forward at all. It is so hard to do when waiting, not knowing, hanging on for dear life!

The last few months especially have been tough. I have not allowed myself to look too far ahead or even one day behind. We are at the mercy of test results so there is a sense of just being in limbo. Waiting to be called, waiting for a date, waiting for next steps. Also not even being capable of looking past a day or two became the norm for me.

I have been told to look forward, visualise what is ahead, a milestone. I need to set my focus on reaching a goal. I guess it makes sense. It may sound weird to you guys…. most take it for granted…. I need to sit, concentrate and visualise on things in the future.

Even thinking of the concept can have a positive impact. Something has now clicked and I am able to see forward. Not too far but I am working on it. I was too scared to do this before. I have a few plans for August, reaching into September. This week, I was asked about Christmas plans….. errr no, not got that far yet!

I seem also to have a little head space so I can plan things, I can work on my little projects here and there! I have even bought myself some art materials so me and the boys can express ourselves over the summer or paint some random crappy shapes on canvases and call it abstract art !!!! You know the type you see in posh hotels or museums that cost hundreds and you are like….. really?!

So here we go…. most of you are planning or have planned next holidays, next birthdays, xmas, Oct half term…… I’m stuggling to reach Aug!!!!

One thing I did do last week was take 6 weeks off work!! I wouldn’t call it looking forward really! Just needed a break and needed to spend some quality time with the kids and rest! Need lots of rest right now inbetween all my numerous appointments.

I discussed this a lot with my fellow yogis in Slovenia, I guess I was afraid of making that decision and taking the plunge but I pushed on ahead and followed through!!

It is only after you make rash decisions, you wonder what you were scared of in the first place!

Anyway, for my friends across the globe!! This is why us Brits moan a lot about the weather……

Top picture was taken yesterday, beneath it was all day today!!

Last week Wednesday we had 39 degrees followed with 19 degrees on Thursday!!! I always have my flip flops and wellies ready at hand along with my bikini and raincoat!!! You just never know…… no really….. we NEVER know !!!!!

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