Chakra Healing

Feet….. mmmmm!! I don’t do feet, don’t go near them, apart from mine and my kids! I have very ticklish feet so dont go for a pedicure ever, but the one time I did, I sat there wriggling and laughing like I was bonkers!!

I mentioned a few blogs back that I managed to get some treatment through the hospice and that treatment is reflexology!! My feet aren’t ticklish and it is no longer weird!!

I have learnt that all parts of the feet are connected to different parts or organs in the body. Massaging the feet can help with healing and detoxing. You cannot do any damage by massaging the feet and can do it yourself at home.

An experienced therapist can tell if there is an issue somewhere in the body and can work on that area for a bit of relief. So with trying to strengthen the muscles in my back, I have started on reflexology along with my accupuncture, biomat and detox baths!! Really going for it here!

So….. in Slovenia, I had a treatment with a reflexologist and I’d say she was a healer. Ivana did not speak any English so I had a translator, Matteja, at the start and at the end. During the session we were silent so Ivana could work and concentrate on me. For the first 20 mins or so, I was very uncomfortable and couldn’t rest. Ivana propped me up on a load of pillows and within minutes, I fell asleep!

I woke up almost an hour later with a sudden movement in my foot. Now you hear stories and watch tv shows about this stuff but I will just tell you how I felt and what I saw. Anyone who knows me, knows I am quite straight up and don’t BS! Ivana was exhausted.

My translator was back with us and Ivana was talking and talking…. a lot. For those that have done reiki and reflexology or any other healing techniques, this will not sound unfamiliar.

We all have chakras or energy orbs in our body. Sometimes these orbs may get disturbed or blocked which causes an imbalance somewhere in the body or in our lives. I am not relating this to the cancer in healing it or anything but my chakras were all quite blocked and my body is just fatigued. This obvious from the chemotherapy beating I have had this year.

Anyway when I woke, I saw bright white circles of light, like tube lights radiating above my body. I know I saw them…..because I just did! Ivana told me that she struggled to reset my chakras but she managed to do this by the end. My 50 minute appointment lasted nearly 1.5 hrs and myself, Ivana and Matteja all had tears in our eyes at the end of it.

I didn’t talk about it much that day. We were all very intrigued if anyone in the group had a treatment to see how it was. I was a bit moved by it all and just needed to digest it all. Now I look back and I feel like…. wow … that was really cool !!!!

I spoke to my accupuncturist here and mentioned what had happened and what I saw…. she just replied very casually with, “Yes, they are your energy orbs”!

It was as if I’d said something like, I had a blister and she was like, yes its your shoes!! Very casual and accepting of what I had experienced. I have not done anythimg like that before or experienced what I did that day but I enjoyed it all. I’d go back just to see Ivana again! She was so caring and passionate about helping me, spending the time she needed and gave me a massive hug at the end.

We also had a sound bath !!!!!

Now that was a whole other experience!!!!

5 thoughts on “Chakra Healing

  1. Wow! Reading your blogs is like an education itself! Very informative indeed… I may look into this kind of healing myself.
    Thank you for sharing x

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  2. Can recommend the retirement bit! Intrigued about you’re experience, I’ve read similar in books but never heard it straight from someone I know, what a trip! Always thinking of you Sal x


  3. It was all very fascinating Fiona! I can’t describe it all but yes definately apositive experience and makes you want to explore further….. I am not far from retirement!!! Thank you for thinking of me and reaching out with your comments.


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