The world is connected!

I did say when I starting writing that I had hoped that my blog would travel the world and be present in all those countries that I would never visit. I believe that I can connect the world with my humble story.

So where are we now? Well I was unable to bring you this at half way point in June, mainly because I was constantly just picking myself off the floor, so here it is now. We have travelled to 10 more countries bringing it up to 50 countries of the world.

My map is a little more complete, a little more colourful, my little world a bit more connected! For me, a focus, a release, an honest account of the ugliness that cancer brings along with the strength and courage to deal with it. At times, my enthusiasm has been sucked out of me….. snatching my ability to write or express what you actually have to deal with. It is all part and parcel…..

Hello friends, across the globe! Thank you for following my story! For the support, the love and the cursing with me when required. I feel like I am never alone! This illness time and time tries to strip away my life but I am determined time and time again to nourish it back again.

So here we are:

Again I have friends contact me from different corners of the world, just asking for support really. Just someone to connect with in desperate times. It has helped me along the way knowing that I am not alone. I am not the big wonder of a young person with so called rare Bile Duct cancer. It affects hundreds of young people. It is not actually that rare, just less common.

So with that…. someone must know someone in Greenland!! Come on Greenland….. join in!!! I think that is my biggest challenge but I am confident I will get there!!! I’m cheerleading here!!! Gimme a G…….!!!!

Also recruiting in South America, Mongolia, most of Africa and Kazakhstan!!!! A lot in between but I am getting there!!

I think Richard Brandson tried to contact me last week but I have been out of the country and missed the call!! Ah well, I’m sure he will call back!!!

One thought on “The world is connected!

  1. I don’t know anyone with Bile Duct Cancer but it sounds painful 😔. I hope you are doing okay ♥️ I’ll be braving the shave on Tuesday next week in solidarity with you and all your friends and those you are supporting in all these other countries! (Common Greenland!) keep shining your light to those in need. Namaste ♥️


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