A Piece of Paradise

I’m just here swinging away for the last hour…..just sitting absorbing this stunning setting around me. Truly, this little village in Slovenia is a piece of paradise on Earth. I don’t want to stop looking for a moment, not wanting to miss anything! There is such a sense of stillness and calm. A deeper peace, a place of healing. Only the soothing sound of running water. If I could bring you all here for a day I would. You will be in love with the place like I am.

Archie has been around me a lot!! You know me and dogs but this guy is not giving up. When we practice yoga, Archie sits patiently and waits for us to finish.

My first yoga retreat, my first time in Slovenia and I’d say the first time I have gone away for myself. Not an organised holiday, not a work trip, not a birthday weekend…. just for myself ! With all the chaos of last week, I am extremely proud of myself for not stopping to think and just going with it! To think, I almost missed this! Some people think I am brave! I am not…. I am strong and living for each day that is in front of me.

So the yoga retreat, I was going to bring you a blog each day but with 3-4 hours of yoga a day, there has been little time to stop and write. Precious moments are spent enjoying the beautiful nature around me.

A day here starts with yoga practice before breakfast then breakfast! Sitting around by this gorgeous lake. Lunch and sauna or sauna and then lunch. Evening yoga practice followed by dinner and the remaining part of the day is coloured with beautiful conversations or just swinging, being, sleeping or lounging!

Every person with a unique story, a reason for arriving here. All of us connected with the same passion for yoga that has brought us together for this week. In the group, a sense of peace, calm, love and compassion for each other. Everyone is gentle and caring, a beautiful empathy for each other, for space, for feelings and emotions.

The Veduna retreat is built within a sustainable environment, a space of healing, a passion for the space it occupies in the world and for conservation.

It is very new and we are just the second group to visit. This place will grow and as it does it will touch and heal every person that is lucky enough to be here. As much as I can, I have been walking barefoot on the ground….. the earth healing my body.

The food, nourishing, clean and made with love. Mostly vegan, mostly grown on site. Some would struggle but for me it is perfect!

Then on sunday morning, out came the eggs!!!!!

Sunny and me were the first ones to arrive for breakfast. No-one has seen any meat, alcohol and barely tea or coffee for a few days now so eggs are like the most amazing commodity right now. Eyes widened and eyebrows lifted, you could smell the omlette flan wafting around. I mumbled to Sunny, “You should cut that into 12 pieces”, but I wasn’t too assertive or proactive and I’m not sure why I left the room for a few minutes. By the time I returned, the stillness and calmness was a little less, the tranquility and love for each other has ever so slightly turned. It wasn’t to that extreme but almost like every man for himself! The eggs had changed everything!! There were whispers around the table and egg-gate was talked about for the rest of the day!!

We almost had salad-gate that night, tea-gate the next morning and biscuit-gate after that!

We were having fresh loaves of bread every day that sometimes were a little cold and on Monday morning, we found a toaster!!! By monday afternoon a few members of our group went for a walk and found a pub!! Things were spiralling out of control!!

So on monday night, we all took ourselves outside after dinner and sat around the fire and courtesy of me and my children, we all sang the spongebob campfire song!!! Calmness was restored once again within the group!

Im just here basking in the sun, this perfect view painted infront of my eyes. It is our last full day here…. leaving this beatiful place and saying goodbye to strong connections will tug on my heart.

I will return, I want to bring my boys here, even for a day. I would love to bring some friends too. With so many different souls in the world, I know some would want to live here, others couldn’t last more than a day but a precious piece of paradise….. just get here if you can.

5 thoughts on “A Piece of Paradise

  1. A beautiful read Sal. So thrilled you connected. It’s hard to maintain the things that keep us as healthy as we can be but This break was perfect timing to help reset all your buttons. It’s does indeed look beautiful on your pictures as do you πŸ’–xx


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