The countdown…..

Summer holidays are almost here!! I actually love the school hols…. no routine, no alarms! A proper wind down. The run up to the end of the year however, gets a little insane!! Amar will be leaving primary school and heading off to big boy land!!!

With the boys in different schools, there are 2 sets of everything with different schedules…. a proper juggle! Sports day, fetes, final year production, music concerts, new school induction, collections, leaver’s parties. Parents and teachers literally sweat through the last few weeks!!! Ferrying the kids back and forth, making sure you have the right uniform pe kit or costume for each day and relying on each other for those daily reminders!!

What am I doing in all this? Just lying around and watching stuff just happen around me. Getting quite fed up of it all! I have things to do, places to be! After a couple of good days, or like a day and a half, I started to struggle again. I am probably a little stressed as I have now come out in a rash!

My forearm….. well didn’t want to leave you guessing or making up what my rash may look like! Anyone who has known me for a while knows this is my stress response!!! It’s fair enough, I’ll admit, I am approaching scans quite soon and as much as I push it to the back of my mind, that coupled with all the pain I am getting, is throwing me off balance a bit!

So today, I woke up. Lay on my biomat. Went back to sleep. Worked for a few hours and then took myself off to the nurse at my gp surgery. Doctors are a bit busy you see….. cant often get an appointment! Nurses are just as fabulous, dare I say it…..if not better, in my experience anyway! Basically as they are a little less stretched and sometimes have a little more time.

The nurse wanted to send me off to the hospital for bloods and a spine xray. It has been 5 weeks. This is not nothing anymore and I have a life to be getting on with. Mmmm….. the hospital. How long could this take!! I instantly called my specialist nurse Lesley at Spire hospital. Anyway, within 2 hrs, I had my bloods and an x-ray and within 24 hrs, I expect I will have my results too!! How efficient is that!! Had a lovely natter with Lesley, just getting things off my chest is a therapy in itself.

In the meantime, I’ve also taken half a pack of pain killers and booked in for acupuncture. I just need a magician to sort this out…. hence why I went there. Acupuncture either works like magic or it doesn’t.

Here it is….. not just needles for this badass but electric currents through those needles. We’ve taken it up a notch. A bit like the tens machine used in pregnancy or sciatica!!

I’m seeking out every alternative treatment and trying to keep up with it to avoid taking pills for long periods at a time. I have issues with it but I have been a good patient and trying to keep on top of everything.

So that was my day in a nutshell. Oh….and amidst all this, I had poorly Amar at home today!! Since I’d had an x-ray with that little radiation exposure, I finished my day off with a nice hot detox bath !!! I have a busy few weeks ahead and need to keep my head above water.

Anyone else have an as exciting day as mine!!!

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