Where there is a will…..

…..There is a far infared biomat!!!!!

Remember my little trip to sunny California in Dec!!! I was half way through my chemo!! I spent my time there continuing to heal as I really didnt fancy the 4 week break feeling all unprotected and the worry of cancer cells being tw@ts and doing what they feel like just cos I was on my holibobs!


Well, a funny story actually. After I hinted and noone gifted me an infared sauna for my birthday…. I set about trying to get one of these things for myself!

I spent an entire weekend calling a few infared sauna companies in the UK to gain all the knowledge I could. What I needed, whether it was reputable, different models and sizes etc! One fine day after hours of research and several phone calls, I found the one I needed! When Gurveer returned from work, he knew by my cheesy grin that there was development! We spent the next 2 hours measuring various rooms in the house, talked about redoing the garage, ripping out the bathroom, putting the sauna in the lounge!!! It wasnt happening!

Continuing with my pursuit, I shortly discovered there was a mattress version of what I needed!! Medical grade, FDA approved, simple to use and much more manageable! There was a company in the USA that supplied them and I had a contact!

Further research led me to the infared biomat. Everything happened quite quickly. I happened to be out for a school event that week and a friend of mine mentioned she was in the USA at the weekend and could bring back my stuff! At the time, we were actually chatting about supplements that weren’t available here and if they are, they are either not the right strength or double the cost!! Little did she know!

I called the company that evening and asked them how quickly they could get a mat delivered across the US. They said about 2 weeks but….. I wasn’t really having that!! I managed expedited delivery to have it reach in 4 days!

My friend was travelling to Orange County which just happens to be where my aunt and uncle live!! I immediately spoke to my lovely cousin Bahaar who is in OC!! She replied in best american accent, “Hey girl how you doing? I am in Toronto!”

Well thats just great isn’t it! I have a very short time window to do this!! I called on the help of my chachi (aunt)! Told her the deal. My mission to get this infared mattress was taking shape! I had everyone in place! I started by setting up a wassap group between my friend Kiren and my chachi. Due to the time difference, I thought it best that they just coordinate between themselves. The manufacturer had been called to order a device that was UK compatible and delivery was to take place on Friday and my supplier had called the delivery company to ensure it was delivered on friday at all costs!!

At friday at about 11pm, I had an email to say there was a missed delivery and noone available to sign for the device so another delivery was set up for monday, after Kiren was due to leave!! At this point, I was just ready for bed and thought, whatever!!! I’ll get it somehow later on but couldnt really do much at that time and it was now the weekend also.

I had a call from the company and from my chachi after they realised what had happened!! I had also taken a sleeping tablet so just had about 20 mins awake time to pass everyone each others details and I went to bed!!

I woke at exactly 7am!! I swear my tabs have timers in them!!! I had 9 emails from UPS…. the last one was just before 5am with a note to say ‘Your parcel has been delivered’!!! I know if this was in the UK it would have been impossible to rearrange that delivery that quicky!! I was quite excited!! I’d gone to bed and my mission party had taken on the challenge themselves to get this device where it needed to be!!

Anyway…… here are the pictures !!!

My lovely chachi, cheering me on from USA!!

My lovely chacha who has been also sending messages and facetiming from OC!

The handover with my good friend Kiren!! A bit larger than I expected! Not everyone would lug a 20kg medical device across the pond and through customs!! Grateful to have good friends pulling out all the stops for me!!!

So here it is…. my infared biomat!! It has lots of benefits like detoxing and boosting the immune system! Works at the cellular level so has lots of uses and is perfectly safe to use! I am not making any other claims but it is being used everywhere with cancer patients so I am on it!!! Every day!!


It is warm and soothing and I need to set an alarm every time I use it !!

It is quite heavy and made up of 16 layers. The part you can see is pure amethyst crystals…… and that happens to be my birthstone!!!

2 thoughts on “Where there is a will…..

  1. What a saga! Glad it all worked out well! Brilliant job all round……. and now I want one! For no other reason than it sounds wonderful! Enjoy. Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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