Penny Brohn – Day 2

Happy and relaxed were the words I used to descibe how I felt at the end of day 2. A full agenda today. Most of the group felt quite tired. A lot of thinking, sharing, mindful breathing and meditation. I am not too sure how to summarise the day so I will start by showing you around the place!

The gardens are stunning, a few hidden treasures as you walk around. Very relaxing, peaceful and healing.

Zoe and I took time to walk around the gardens and then just sit and listen to nature around us. How often do we take the time just on our own to just stop and listen?

We have had lots of giggles over our really healthy meals!!! There is healthy and there is pushing it a bit too far!!!! We have been torturing ourselves every mealtime by talking about scones and clotted cream!!! Meals have included cous cous, lettuce bulgar wheat, salmon, lettuce, chick pea casserole, green beans, lettuce, tomato soup, fresh brown bread and lettuce.Yesterdays dessert was oat cakes and natural spreads and jams. Today was roasted apple filled with sultanas and oat cream!!

Brekko has been bacon sarnies!!!! No I’m kidding, it was yogurt with fruit or porridge. Cooked brekko was roasted mushrooms, beans and brown toast! Until very recently, coffee was not allowed on site…. now it is allowed but only at breakfast!! But seriously… I am enjoying the food, going back to basics and having it all laid out for me, taking away the headache of it all!! Saying that, I did smuggle in a pack of frazzles!!! As I do get hungry!!

We had some free time today before dinner and myself, Zoe and Wendy took ourselves of to the healing room…. my favourite place here.

We just sat for an hour and talked and listened and it all went a bit crazy when we found some unicorn tarot type cards!!!

There is an art room!! It had been calling me all day so after dinner, off we went to get creative…. I don’t think I have been in an art room since secondary school but felt the need to dabble today…. can you guess which is mine?

So that is where we are. This introductory course is offered free to cancer patients. When services are offered for free, you just know there are people that genuinely want to help. People that believe in healing and looking at the whole life approach. It affirms a lot of the things I am doing already but gives further focus and reassurance. It is without gain so carries an extra level of trust.

There were two things that really spoke out to me today. Firstly, if we look at the whole life approach, body, mind, excersize, nutrition, spirituality and emotion….. medical treatment only deals with the body. Not even the body as a whole but just a small part of it. You need to look at the bigger picture.

Secondly, and it was more the phrase that jumped out at me. This life…. is not a dress rehersal! Really doesn’t need much explanation.

2 thoughts on “Penny Brohn – Day 2

  1. Wow yet another informative blog, love your writing style and really pleased that you are finding the stay peaceful and useful. Although think I’d have to escape in my pjs to go find that bacon sarnie 😋

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