Incredible Hulk…

I won’t lie! I have struggled through the last 3 weeks! I guess I am not a very patient patient!! I like to get myself back on track as quickly as possible after treatment, I don’t push myself but do feel a little frustrated when I am bed bound. Saying that, I have been good and rested well.

However, when I bounce back, I do so in style!!! On saturday we had Amar’s school leavers party. Amar is leaving primary school and moving up in the world!! I’d had my oxygen therapy on friday so without my day nap, I attended the party!!! Go me!!!

Now, when I used to be out in the evening, I’d really be at that party!! Heart and soul!! I loved a good evening out, chatting, laughing, getting more and more daft as the evening went on!!! Saturday….. a bit different!! I wore a dress, with layers underneath incase I got cold. I had back up shoes in the car and paracetamol and balm in my bag for my poor back!! I am now always designated driver since me and alcohol parted company a year or so ago!! I am now, that friend!!! I’m thinking of getting a mini van!!!

Anyway, the party was good!! We had fun but about 10.30pm, I thought I was going to break or just cry. Was in pure agony so retreated to a corner with a nice cup of tea and my big blanket of a cardigan that I took with me. I really didn’t want to break up the party as everyone was just having a great time!!!

Anyway, the next day, sunday…..I had another Hyperbaric oxygen session. This time we went up….. or is it down……. to the highest pressure. This was my second session this weekend. Since I am on a chemo break, I am going full steam ahead with my alternative treatments.

POWWWWWWW!!!!! Half way through this session, I could feel a little tingling in my fingers and toes. I felt like I was fueling up and I could break out of that tank! I actually for a few minutes felt like the Incredible Hulk and thought, I’d break out and run down Upper Wimpole street !!!!! But then, I had a little wriggle and just patiently rested until the end of the session!!!

I was feeling quite rough before I went in but came out feeling a lot stronger! So we headed into Camden Town, had lunch, got sweet treats, wandered around the market before returning home!! Was a lovely impromptu day out! Thats 2 days without a day nap!!!!

I just love London, Camden being one of my faves!! Kids loved it, just so captivating. Each and every corner and street filled with anything and everything! So much art both old and new! Very fascinating, your eyes roll but you just can’t take it all in at once. It was extremely busy so I kept hold of my little Amar!! Could have stayed all day bit didn’t want to overdo it!!

So all in all, I am glad to report that Salster is feeling better!! I am ready for the week ahead!! Someone asked me today if I am having a shower outside in the torrential rain!! I replied no….. I’m having a bath!!! Funny me!!

Now I’m not saying hyperbaric oxygen is magic but…… certainly is helping!!!

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