Monday done….scan done!

A sunny monday! My day started with my pre-chemo assessment and bloods in preparation for tomorrow!

All went well and my efficient nurses thought it was best to leave the needle and tubes attached to save me having to be stabbed again with another needle a few hours later…. ouch!

So I’m walking around looking like I’ve escaped out the back door when no one was watching!!!

Wasn’t feeling amazing today…. also need to fast a few hrs before my scan so took myself off to just sit and watch the ducks for a bit! It was quite relaxing!

Got to my scan on time, got ready in my beautiful ball gown! Popped up on the table in the enormous scanner and I am all hooked up! The nurses are being ever so nice after the fiasco last week. Still apologising. I am not too worried, it happens…….

Only I am allowed in the room for the scan because of the radiation. Next minute the door flings open and in comes the nurse! “I’m sorry, the doctor is running late and we can’t start until he is here, he is never late, we are really sorry!”

“It’s ok”, I reply, and we have a little natter while we are waiting! In my head I am like so why the ASS am I on this machine freezing my bits off if the doc hasn’t arrived!!! Anyway, it wasn’t that long to wait before the doctor comes in like road runner, speeding into position.

“Ok we are ready to go” I hear through the speaker. So remember the contrast dye…… if you know, you know!!!!

“We are just putting the contrast in now”.

“NO YOU ARE NOT…… ITS ALL DRIBBLING DOWN MY NECK!!!” I call out through the tiny speaker, loud enough to be heard over the CT spinning around me.

The scanner is powered back down and in race all 3 nurses and the doctor. Sticky mess dribbling all down my back. One of the clips hanging from my body was not closed causing the leak! Now, with all the kerfuffle, I can see the poor nurses getting all nervous. It seems like everything is just not going to plan. Anyway a bit of faffing to hook me back up, change my gown, refill the contrast medium, get back in position and scan is done…… a few more sorry sorry sorry’s!!! Was a little bit annoying but slightly amusing how it was all just a bit mental.

Anyway I’m done……. oh no I’m not!! The nurse couldnt seem to disconnect the needle from my port…. so I’ve now got sticky bits of plaster just hanging with the needle and tubes. Nurse tries to tug on it. Frikkin hurt so I tell her to stop and I will head over to Spire and ask the pro’s to remove it.

By this time, I’m so hungry and ready to eat one of the nurses if they don’t let me go! Raced over to costa, grab a coffee and a sarnie, inhale the coffee and sarnie and then back to Spire hospital!

By now, I’m not so amused so came home and tucked myself into bed for a very long nap!! Woke up an hour later as the phone is incessantly ringing, and no-one rings the home phone! It was the poor nurse from my CT scan fretting and just wanting to check up and see if I was ok!

I was ok!!! Slept for nearly 2 hours to dilute the nonsense of the day. The stress of the day pushed my back out again, took some tabs and managed to take myself off to my yoga class!!!

A good class!!! I did well, lots of strength and I felt energised!! Was a challenging class but I kept up! I might feel it tomorrow but I went and I turned my day around!!

Came home and just had time for a cup of green tea outside on my bench since it was such a mild and lovely evening !!!

All prayers welcome for a beautiful clear scan and a quiet rest of the week x

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