Throwback……. to the 1940s

So I was trying to find an oxygen therapy clinic which is more closer to home! Travelling to London, one hour HBOT and travelling back. It is a 3 hour gig, that is before I have stopped for my almond latte!!!

Anyway, I did find one. An MS clinic in Harrow, who after a bit of persuasion said they would allow me to have treatment there! They have enough MS patients already without taking on others but you know me, I am quite persuasive when it comes to my life hanging in the balance and I am fairly flexible too! I was quite thrilled with myself…… WAS……

I am doing oxygen therapy off my own back. I needed consent from my team but permissions are all mine based on my own research. I am doing oxygen therapy around my chemo so there is no interaction with my conventional treatment. With appointments all over the place, with chronic fatigue in the weeks following chemo and my delightful back pain, there isn’t much time left for me to skip into big London.

Anyway, I was thrilled to find this clinic just 20 mins from me!!! It was a tank where you sit with 6 others so I thought it would be more comfortable. That is what I did yesterday afternoon!!

Well by golly gosh…….. was I in for a little treat!!!

This is what happened when I got there. I was in this tank…… an actual tank for an hour !!! I was basically sitting in this tank on an airline chair, as close to 5 others as I’d be in economy fare, with this 1940’s mask on and tubes hanging around my shoulders.

It took me a few minutes to catch my breath once I was strapped in. We were asked not to talk since it was my first time and the lovely staff wanted to keep an eye and ear on me incase of any issues. There was an actual porthole through which they could view me!!!!

I just sat through it. Wasn’t overly comfortable but sat in that chair for an hour. If I got out it would mean a disruption in the session for everyone else. This is the reality for the MS patients, one of whom was in a wheelchair. It is 2019 and this is their treatment and some have been doing this for years. This is a charity and patients pay for their treatment. These thoughts just rolled around my head for an hour. I had a prayer playing on my phone for the hour but couldn’t concentrate much…..

This is a good website with good information and a nice frilly video of the tank!!

As you breathe, it is the sound that you hear from the deep sea divers. Times that by 6!!! I have to admit, I was a bit traumatised by it all. Sitting in that chair for an hour didn’t do anything for my back……. It is cheaper and it is closer but I didn’t feel amazing after it. It was really like I had stepped back in time.

I made the snap decision to just carry on skipping in London!!

For me it is more comfortable, I dont suffer from claustrophobia apart from when I’m doing a CT scan or MRI scan for some reason so I can manage the rocket and I’m sticking with it !!!

I was so traumatised, I came home and had cake with my neighbours!!

Gosh, gosh, gosh gosh…… cancer needs to just bugger off!!!

2 thoughts on “Throwback……. to the 1940s

  1. Thanks for sharing Sal. It’s good to have a comparison to know your Oxygen Therapy in London is the best for you. Pleased it is helping xxxx

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