Aspirin and cancer…..

If anyone has been recently diagnosed with cancer, a loved one, a friend. I know only too well it is a testing time. Hard to think straight, get your head around it, have the right questions ready to ask and then try and retain the answers.

Readers/followers, please share this one if this situation arises or just share anyway….. you will be surprised how many people keep cancer a secret…. I guess I did to an extent.

Again, all my own views, well actually not really…. as I will cite published papers here!! I am working on half a brain this week so sorry if this doesn’t flow as well !!!

Go to google, type in 3 words aspirin, cancer, pubmed. This gives you all the published medical papers. Look at the summary, results, conclusions.

I have helped by screenshotting a few bits of texts cos I am nice…. and can’t sleep !! See below.

Look at the images tab too….for diagrammatic pathways.

If this is all heavy reading and you are not familiar with medical journals etc this is fine……. just ask your team.

My aim is to just give you the information that some folk may not know about.

Always speak with your medical team. Ask about aspirin use for cancer progression. There is a large clinical trial being conducted now on the use of this everyday drug. All of the papers below are quite recent which is aldo key.

Note 1. Aspirin is not used in all cancers.

Note 2. I’m on it!!

Ok thats all I can manage on a fried brain…….today was ok. I was getting a bit fed up but Cycle 7 done…. everyone still with me on the cycles??

One more to go in this initial plan….finish end of May. Scans coming up……. going to be a very busy month with quite a few things going on.

Any questions…… just get in touch x

These two though ….. laser nerf, pyow pyow, hours of fun !!! 💝💝💝💝

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