Tenerife…a Family Holiday!

So in my last blog, I made a joke about climbing Mount Everest after my oxygen therapy!!Well go me…. I didn’t quite climb Mount Teide but spent the day hiking around volcanic area taking in the stunning views and landscapes!! Rocks in all different shades of black, brown and greens!! Breathtaking scenes and so calm and peaceful. When I couldn’t climb up the rocks, one of my boys would give me a push!! I managed well and no complaints!!These days, I can make quick decisions, I know what I want, I don’t spend hours pondering anymore! So my first decision was to book a family room for the 6 days we were away! Right now, I want to keep the kids as close as possible and enjoy them as much as I can for every minute I can get !! Much to Gurveer’s bemusement when I told him, we actually had loads of fun and giggles with it !! Like a big sleepover !! My kids are really coming into themselves and are quite the comedy duo!! Hours of entertainment!!No plans were made for this holiday! At the time of booking, we did not know the ‘state of Sal’ during this week but I feel very lucky to have felt so well!So well infact, I have actually felt guilty. You are not supposed to feel well on chemo….. chemo attacks all the cells in the body. So with the chemo out of my system what is going on with the rogue cells inside…..these thoughts kept creeping around in my head but hey ho, just gotta get on with it. This extra week malarky between chemo cycles has really given me some headspace! I have been able to think this week and actually read a book!!! I’m taking my research to another level now. I’ll not stop…. I can’t take any risks now. A great read…….. I could have written most of this myself! Gave me a bit more hope and loads of leads to follow up on. I am really not alone on this sodding journey.Another decision of mine was to book an all inclusive hotel. If I was unwell there would be no hassle of food or drink for the kids, no bother of going out searching for somewhere to eat! I had all the salad and fruit I could eat and green tea on tap!! I know, I know….. just too exciting!!! I did dip into the chocolate fountain once….. couldnt resist!! Was a good decision I feel….. EXCEPT wine, sangria, prosecco on tap!! Me not drinking!! I was fine until one time when I went to the bar to ask for slushies and was handed a sangria!!! I had a sip and spent the rest of the day dreaming about drinking sangria in the sun!!!! My body has a job to do now and I am not giving it anything extra to deal with! That little tizzy feeling you get after a glass of wine….yeah not me.Is ok…. alcohol is so over-rated!! I really enjoyed my holiday!! With Tenerife and its plethura of beaches, from turquoise sea to pure black volcanic sand, we managed to get around most of the coast!! I’m planning to spend as much time as I can by the sea! Be it UK or abroad…. swimming in the sea is something else!So you know you get sellers coming over every 5 minutes trying to braid hair, give you a massage or sell you a towel…. Amar turns to me and goes, “Mum, you know when you are trying to play a game and ads keep popping up” 🤣🤣🤣A couple of hours were spent in the historic town of Garachico just wandering and exploring the narrow cobbled streets. Buldings all painted in reds, yellows, bright blue!! Houses jutting out of the mountains with bright pink and white flowers trailing off balconies. Quite the jigsaw scenery!! I could spend weeks just exploring unfamiliar towns!You just have to stop and lunch in a proper Spanish restaurant where you can’t understand the menu or anyone in there and neither can they understand a word you are saying!! I throw a bit of punjabi into the mix just for amusement!!! Ended up with a plate of chips with dices of ham and cheese, smothered with mustard, ketchup, mayo and chaat masala!!! Not a clue what this was on the menu but the lady was getting all excited over it!! Almost got a bit of veggie food through some random conversation….. well a potato salad and some fresh warm, crispy bread!!! ! Suraj doesn’t do spanish at school so we had no hope but the lovely lady then asked me if my kids were twins to with I replied, “No…… tres años” !! I understood the rapid finger waggling in this part of the convo !!!There was a big market next to out hotel on our last day!!! Gotta love a good market and all its tat !!! Mum, can we buy stuff…… of course you can!! I don’t think too much these days!! You want tat….. have it!!! Suraj left with a musical wooden frog and a wolf that works like a flute!!! Both bought music light up tshirts and a panflute!!! Like there was a shortage of music or singing in our house already!!!I was just thrilled when our last night went off with a bang!!!If you haven’t been to Tenerife, I’d highly recommend it! You can’t go wrong with an entire coastline of fabulous, picturesque beaches, bars and places to eat! I hope you enjoyed the whistle stop tour as much as we did!!I’ll be screwing again next week at chemo but is ok I’ve got a tan!!!!Oh…. and in Tenerife you can get a McBeer !!!

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