The C word…… no not that one…..

Cannabis oil….. the legal stuff !!

I can’t claim anything. I do all my own research, read forums, contact the people that know, run everything by my oncologist, look at the science and then give it a go.

With trying alternative treatments and with everything in the news regarding cannabis oil and reading how people have cured their cancers, relieved symptoms etc etc I’m not leaving this one alone!

Cannabis oil is used in about a hundred different ways for various treatments from pain management, epilepsy, depression, mental health, arthritis, nerve issues…. you name it, I’ve read it!

However, when it comes to cancer, it is a little more complex. Can it relieve horrible side effects of harsh chemotherapy, I believe so! Can it cure my cancer…. who knows? Research has been done in terms of strength and dosing. There are different oils, strengths, purities, doses and you need to get the correct advice. It is not very straightforward.

So simply, a shortcut…. to what took me a few months to get to! I joined an online facegroup group, always a good place to start! Spoke to some users. They put me in touch with Realm of Care an organisation in the USA with a medical team that conduct the reasearch into cannabinoid therapies and work with healthcare teams to provide the best therapy for patients.

You need to subscribe with them for a dollar a month!! A quick phonecall later, I was armed with all the info I needed for my specific treatment plan. Advice on a reputable supplier in the UK was provided with correct strengths and a dosing schedule.

The main thing to note with CBD oil is that it should not be taken within 2 hours either side of any other meds you are taking so for me a tricky start with all the tabs I was rattling around with all day but finally, I have worked out a schedule!

The second thing, you need to start slow, in order to reach the correct dosage. Slow and steady to give your body some adjusting time. A drop twice a day for a week, then 2 drops twice a day for the next week….. until you get to your required dosing!

Work out exactly when you will take it morning or evening. Do you feel light headed? Does it affect your sleep? It is a bit of trial an error at the start. I was a little apprehensive but started taking it and just moved on. No issues for me!

When my boys saw me taking CBD oil, it was shortly after the big hype in the news on the accessibility in the UK so Suraj’s eyes widened a bit. We must abide by the law in this house!!! “Mum, what does it taste like?”, My response, It tastes like the earth!! It does, a very earthy taste and smell, a little hint of henna too! Some people can’t manage the taste but I seem to be ok!!

A few drops under the tongue for speedy absorbtion is how I have it. You can add it to chocolate, a biscuit, add another oil ie mint to alter the taste or make your own capsules. I haven’t got the time or strength to be messing with it so, a few drops straight in, 2 mins and I’m done.

Its not bad, I feel that CBD oil has lifted me, helped with a few issues, my nerve pain seems to be settling and no side effects so another extremely expensive alternative treatment to add to my list!!

So yes, whilst I’d rather just be hugging trees, walking in the fresh air, researching, writing, cooking and helping others…. I’m actually still working away to pay for a quality of life!!

I’m not complaining at all….. well it would be a perfect time for me to retire right now to be honest but it is working out, keeps 50% of me in the “real world”…… whatever that is !!!

I’ve got my two singy songy, cuddly, jubblies home with me for the next two weeks, no school, no chemo, all to myself!! Both very sensitive to my needs, lots of cuddles and holding mums hand! They know mum needs family time and swapped PRIME gaming time yesterday for a walk, a movie and takeout!!! All the therapy I need x

2 thoughts on “The C word…… no not that one…..

  1. I’ve been on my CBD oil for 2 weeks now, like you it’s not so bad to take once you get a routine. I was advised to try it by my oncologist (Shame they can’t issue it) for my joint pain caused by Letrozole (hormone treatment) So day I can honestly say that I can feel the difference… don’t get my wrong I’m not about to jump on a trampoline but I can now walk up the stairs without pulling a face! I know it’s early days but for me CBD is giving me a little hope 😀.

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  2. I thought the only legal pure stuff that you can buy in the UK is at the likes of H&B as it’s a very low dosage at 2%. My auntie is part owner of a legal pure hemp business in NZ so she’s told me lots about ithe CBD oil. They make hemp products like cooking oils, deshelled seeds, beauty balms etc and are expanding into making t-shirts and other products. They’ve been exploring and researching the CBD oil market as they obviously have the plant to produce and has asked me if I want to be put in touch with a certified company for CBD but I’m afraid too because it’s higher grade than the what I understand is legal in the U.K? I’ll have another look at this and text later. Thanks for sharing all of your personal research. I’ve enjoyed catching up on it all xxx

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