Hair Loss…..

Lets talk about hair loss!!! 5 yrs ago I lost my hair on chemo. I wasn’t too bothered, I just wanted to stay alive. I kinda rocked the whole scarf look and to be honest, in a weird way enjoyed doing something different with my head!!!! How many I guess Indian women in their lifetime would ever be brave enough to shave their head and rock the short hair look for a bit!! I’d never have done that!!

No one really saw my real head outside of my famalam!! Its just the way I wanted it to be, but at home, we werent too bothered, had a good feel of it, tried on various hats and scarves and had big discussions on it ….. well the kind you have with a 5 and 8 year old anyway!!!

Mummy can I feel your head? Mummy you look like a superhero now !!! Did it just fall off?? Will mummy ever be a Sikh again? And Amar’s gorgeous classic when I sat down and told them both what was about to happen….. ‘Mummy, Can I have a biscuit?!’

I remember it all well!!

So my hair has taken a battering over the years and is taking another one now!!! This chemo hasn’t actually affected my hair too much but it started to feel a little thin and dry!

I have therefore had hair envy for a number of years!!! Bad hair runs in my family so this is not really all chemo related but for anyone really. I know loads of folk that have issues with their hair and lets face it, we are coming to ‘that age’ now!!!!

I had been exploring hair treatments for about 3 years. About 2 yrs ago I visited a couple of clinics in London to talk about laser treatment to the scalp. Then phoned all the clinics up north to figure out if I could get treatment without remortgaging my house !!!!

Then came all this investigating drama and I stopped researching !

So now, cancer no 2. No more thinking, no more questioning, no more wishing, regretting…… just doing!!

Research continued on what to do and taaaaa daaaaaa……… hair extensions, done the proper way. Didn’t remortgage my house and I feel like Cleopatra now!!! I’ve got a bit of my happy back!

No longer do I wake up like one of the Adams family but Rapunzel instead!!!

This is coming from someone who has never ever owned a hair dryer (I do now!) or much more than a comb!!! Never needed one. Barely, if ever went to a hair salon. I was a, I just walked out of the shower kind of girl….. it just dries like this!!!

I’ve had my new hair for a few weeks now. I needed time for it to settle and it is quite a personal thing so a dedicated blog was off the cards!

Now, I am pleased with the result!! I have been out and about and talked to other women with thinning hair and few folk have enquired about it already. So here is my blog ….. if I can help other men/women feel better and have fabby hair then thats what I will do. I love my new hair…. gave me a bit of confidence back!!! So after almost a month of hiding away….. here is me all showing off !!! But just go with it, I’ll tell you what bloody happened today in my next blog !!!

A very personal issue I know so drop me a message if you would like any more info…… I now look at everyone with dubious eyes…… you all with the beautiful hair…. are you sure it’s not extensions ???!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Hair Loss…..

  1. my best mates mum has lost her hair on top, just one of those things apparently. She combs her hair forward to try to compensate and although I’ve been through this myself mine was temporary. It’s such a personal thing that I struggle to pass on good advice for my mate to give to her mum other than making appointments at specialist places – which she has. I love your extensions Sal, funny that you never owned a hairdryer before but I guess you just didn’t need one xx


  2. Thank you Sam!! So actually, I never had a hairbrush either!!! Curly hair…. never needed one!! So all this you need to brush it every morning is all a bit of a chore πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ! Scheduling in time to “wash my hair” is new for me but getting used to it!! 42 years of wash n go, I guess I was quite lucky!!! All that time I had saved over the years!!! πŸ˜‰


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