“Cycle” 6 Done!!

Tuesday, a true rollercoaster day so a rollercoaster blog!!

I’ve now completed 6 cycles. Thats 12 x 7hr chemo days but who’s counting!! Chemo on day 1 and day 8. I always dread day 8 as cumulative effects kick in and even though I’ve got this as best I can, the night before, “it” gets me!! Get through it and I get 2 weeks off…. so JUST GET THROUGH IT!!

So, I’ll start with the funny part!! Who remembers lovely Lesley…


So, Lesley took part in a monster charity bike ride:

When Lesley told me she was going to be away for two weeks, my first reaction was…. NO….. WHO WILL BE LOOKING AFTER ME!!! Anyway, I let her go!!! Unfortunately Lesley fell off her bike and hit her leg but carried on cycling 20k on it. Not realising it was damaged more than she knew and caused her to remain in Cambodia as unable to fly. Finally, given the all clear to fly, Lesley returned but has been unable to come and look after me as is still quite poorly with this leg. So we have all been missing Lesley and waiting patiently for her to return!!

So, I spent part of my 7 hr day at the hospital putting a little limerick together for Lesley! Priya, Eileen and myself did a little rap and sent it over!!! We pretty much ripped poor Lesley for not coming back to work as you do, but poor thing is trying her best to recover from a big injury. Was all in good humour!! Get Well Soon Lesley x

Well what else to do to pass those stupid 7 hrs of drip drip drip, drop by drop by drop…….!! We were all highly amused all day over it !!

So anyway, I’m on way home. Suraj has another music concert in evening. Im pretty drained and just need to sleep for 20 mins, refuel and head out again…. COS I AM GOING!!

Stopped at the lights, 2 mins from home and some stupid scummy man drives into the back of my car. I say scummy, you know the sort…. think Jeremy Kyle!! So obviously you stop and get out. This guy has just hit MY car and then gets out starts swearing and screaming like he is about to lose his head!! Its been a long day, I’m a bit numb n void of any emotion so we just get in, no damage done, well didn’t get chance to even see it but who cares. Sod this freak of a human. I need to post some urgent letters so pull in at PO. This freak then pulls in next to us…. swearing head off calling me all sorts…. banging on my window…. Im just say there like…. dude, can you move so I can post my letters before you give yourself a heart attack!!! It was laughable, woman and baby in back!!

Anyway, it could be worse, you could be that man, or married to that man or it be your father!!! I’m grateful I am nothing to do with folk like that!!

Moving swiftly on, I posted my letters!!! Came home, had a 20 min nap and a bite to eat and headed back out.

Suraj saved the day with his beautiful singing!! A tribute to Queen, an Abba Medley and Food Glorious Food were highlights of the evening!!! Lifted my spirits back up again!!

I’ve got 2 more cycles to go to take me up to end of May. Then we scan again to see how everything is going. The scary scans are already giving me jib! Another letter through my door updating my GP of where we are with it all. A typed letter, I know it all but it was said in my last appointment, you miss bits, forget bits, then it all comes through the door. Scary lands on your doorstep.

Its causing me a bit of sleepless nights but I’m sure it will pass very soon!! Keeping myself busy in my garden…..flowers all poking through now!! Love it!! Hate being so tired and having to do lots of short bursts but must listen to my body!! Amongst everything else, I made Gurveer, do some gardening with me!! He is NOT a gardener but I needed the muscles !! Next time I’ll take a picture!!!!

I’ll finish with my latest vegan board!! I don’t know the lingo cos I was born in the 70’s!!! but Instagram….. #whatissalcookingnow will take you to my foodie blog page ideas and recipes!!

This is my wheel of fortune!!

Goodnite to all my lovely blog readers x

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