The Issue with Travelling….

In life you have all these wonderful ideas, in the summer we will travel to the far east, when the kids leave home we will see the whole of Europe or once we retire we will go on a massive road trip across USA. You set aside a pension or plan, keeping the dreams alive, googling ideas and hidden parts of the world every few months!! Well, thats what I do!!!

Then life comes and smacks you in the face and turns everything around! After having breast cancer in 2013, at the age of 36, I used to make a little joke about wanting to retire early…. 40 to be precise!! I don’t really like conforming to the “norm” but with kids, you have to take a different approach! Be a responsible adult.

In my dreamy fairytale head, I want to pick my two kiddies up with their musical talents and just jump on a train and see where life takes us!!

I did take 7 months out after 40, just chilled, did a childminding course and started looking after little treasures alongside doing a few “Sal” things!! Soon ran out of money cos I do love, love, love travelling……

So 42, diagnosed with a second bastard cancer, a lot more serious, more complicated, more treatment with a more unknown plan. A step by step approach.

I feel like I have achieved in life, I have done a lot of things I wanted to do. My kids are my dream…. love them to bits. Now all I want to do is spend every precious moment building memories with them……. seeing the world with them and teaching them the truth about life and the world as I know it.

So, the issue with travelling… firstly no broker will cover me for insurance!! A topic for another day!!! Secondly and mainly, I cannot book much in advance due to treatment and basically not knowing how I will feel from one week to the next. It’s harsh if I’m unwell and I’d rather just be in my bed!!

I appreciate kind people and help and I will give credit where credit is due and always share. After loosing hefty deposits on 2 hols last year, we figured the only way to get away is to book right before we travel and pay the price!!! I don’t need to even mention kids and school hols etc!

Ok my point, I was put in touch with Andrea, a very friendly travel PA, through a Uni friend and I just have to say, I made one phone call, explained the situation, made a massive connection and WITHIN A DAY, booked a little bespoke holiday mainly over wassap as I was having a bit of a fatigue day which was just perfect !!

A holiday tailored for us that didn’t overly break the bank, with all of my requests met! I am the happiest person right now because I met someone who really had time, patience and compassion and just connected with me instantly!

I don’t have the headspace to search and book and not get ripped off just because I am in a tricky position and Andrea got this straight away! It was soooooo simple and all my needs were understood. I am again cautiously excited and fingers crossed all will be fine with no hiccups!

I am sure I will be booking again and again with all the headache taken out of it and will manage to make some of those trips and memories with my famalam! They really deserve it and we just need regular time out.

If you love travelling, need a bit of help, want luxury dream far away holidays or just a quick getaway, a safari or a group event, I am confident Andrea will cover it all !!

Sharing is caring….. and there is still time to book for Easter!!! Do visit Andrea’s page and get that holiday buzz !!!

At some point this year, I hope to update this picture with my face in it !!!!

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