Poof……. cycle 5 is done!

I went in sparkling and came out sparkling !

I might wear a sari next time…..they are just lying there!!! I managed a good walk after being cooped up in my hospital room all day, cleared my head and felt good! Wasn’t too sparkly at 5pm but nothing a few pancakes loaded with berries didn’t fix !!!!

So 5 cycle is done. Folk often ask me:

“Are you finished now?”, “Is that done?”, “Are you all clear?”.

So here it is, this is a secondary cancer, a few cells managed to leave the primary lesion site and settle themselves elsewhere in my body. Bloody cheeky bastards…. I’ll get you !!

With no symptoms to date caused by my my cancer, it did take about 11 months to find this tricky and quite rare lesion. By the time surgery was planned and started, my cancer had started to spread. Exact timings on all of this will never be known but for me, everything happened step by step in the correct way and with the right steps.

So chemo, I will be doing 3 more cycles to take me up to my initial 8. We will then do another thorough scan to see where everything is and see if my ‘Sal powers’ have managed to erradicate my disease. If not, we continue or start on another plan. My full genomic testing has been done so things are in place for next steps as and when needed.

So am I done?
Well the simple answer and the truth, I will never be “done”.

With a totally unconnected cancer to my first, frankly, I don’t want to be done!!! I will never take that risk. I hope to reach stable disease, I hope to reach NEAD status, no evidence of active disease. I will have scans for life and expect I will never be discharged. I know this and with every day that passes, I am stronger and more confident in this, in my medical team, in reasearch and in my hollistic approach.

Sometimes I wake up and wonder how I haven’t lost the plot, cried or got angry and upset. Well, I think to heal your body, you need to create a healing environment inside you. I believe, we all have the power to heal whatever situation or challenge life throws at us, you just need to find the inner peace and strength. The goal….. to find peace!

You can practice yoga every week but if you are angry all day, you will not reap the benefits. You can eat raw foods and juices to boost your immune system and make you strong but if you have not had a quality sleep in a week, your body will not know which way to go. You can practice diets and fasting and meditate but you need to work on your strength in your body and mind to have the full effects. You can’t heal an exhausted body.

Clean up your life from the outside in aswell as the inside out. Speak the truth and be truthful to yourself. Remove all negatives from your life and surround yourselves with positive people and you won’t go wrong x

Right, Good morning folks! Been awake since 3.30am, my mind working on full form today! Let’s see if I can actually move my body too and see what new ‘treats’ I have in store this week!!!!

4 thoughts on “Poof……. cycle 5 is done!

  1. You are a trooper darling. Hang in there. As you said remove the negative and focus on the positive.
    Sending you lots of love and tight hugs from your Cheema family in OC:

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